General diary entries


I am coming to the end of a particularly tough year.
I think it has actually been building up over the last 2 years with various medical issues with all of the kids.
All three have been investigated by a Urology team. One had three visits to a hospital in London.
Marjorie is still under Orthopaedics in Bedford as they keep check of her hip displasure and she is still under Stanmore for another Orthopaedic problem.
Murron is still under Paediatrics for dizzy spells and is undergoing Orthodontic treatment that started with an operation to remove and expose some teeth.
We have had not one, but two cancer scares with my Dad and operations for both me and Ian.
To top off the year, the last 2 months have been an absolute nightmare with Dharma’s tummy troubles and I think this has been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The year has been a never ending barrage of Dr appointments, hospital appointments and inpatient stays and it shows no signs of getting any better very soon.
We still have two hospital appointments before Xmas and one of them is down in Stanmore.
Ian is set for facet joint injections in his back early in the new year and I am feeling like my foot is heading back to square one with the amount of pain I am getting in the mornings and in the evenings.

My head has been on another planet for at least the last 3 months but I am sure that people have noticed a change in my personality for quite a bit longer.

I think that blogging my feelings instead of talking to someone has not helped the situation and looking back through some of my posts, it is clear that I have been bottling things up personally.
It may be here in writing, but my blog doesn’t give me support or advice!

After reaching a breaking point yesterday I have decided to make some changes.
Unless something, positive happens in my life I will not be using my blog as a personal diary.
This will be the last depressing entry.
From now on I will be focussing on film and TV reviews, my Dish of the Weeks and anything else that makes me happy or excited.
I may have the occasional vent about something in the news that’s made me angry but on the whole, I am going to be a more positive person and I am actually going to use my friends and family to offload when I need to.

Finding something to blog about on a daily basis is going to be a little harder from now on!
You have my permission to give me a slap if I start to get maudlin again!

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