General diary entries


Well that’s a great way to start the day.
I am so bloody angry right now and I need to vent.


I can’t get Murron out of bed.
Apparantly she’s got a headache and the room is spinning and she’s feeling hot.
I’ve taken her temp and it’s normal and she’s well enough to come downstairs and fight her corner with me.
She’s just refusing to get washed and dressed and actually go into school.
I’ve even given her the option of going in late.

Can’t she see the damage she’s doing to her future?
I spelled it out to her this morning.
She’s only applied for one college course and she’s going to be lucky if they accept her unless her attendance level dramatically changes.
She keeps saying I’ve been looking at apprenticeships but again they are not going to accept someone with her attendance level and attitude.
If she doesn’t get into anything she is going to be forced into a government run education scheme that she is going to hate and she will be on a downward spiral into poverty!!

She keeps going on about ‘when she moves out, when she gets a car, concerts she wants to go to, tattoos she wants to get, things she wants to do’….
Well good luck with any of that if she doesn’t buck her ideas up!!!

She was so excited about getting her NI number in Oct but has done absolutely nothing with it.
She had the perfect opportunity to find a Xmas job and wasted it.

She is beyond forcing and dragging her out of the house.
I have done all I can.
She’s over 16. If she fucks up now it’s her own fault and she’s on her own.
I certainly won’t be supporting her when she can’t find work.

and breath………

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