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After 7 long weeks and one very miserable little girl, we may just have turned a corner.

We were no closer to a diagnosis for her bad tummy but we had lots of clues as to what it could be.
So 5 days ago I made the decision to simplify Dharma’s diet right down and cut down fats and gluten and every drink but plain water.
The GP had given her a medication called Mebeverine to take while we waited for an appointment with the hospital but to be completely honest that didn’t seem to have any affect at all!
When we started this we also started to keep a diary of everything she eats and her toilet habits.
Then thankfully, on Friday morning, we got a call from the hospital. They booked us in for an appointment at 11:30 that morning!
It couldn’t have come at a better time. That morning had been a nightmare with hysterics trying to get her to go to school. It was a real low point.

So, we pootled off to the hospital and we had a very long chat with a Dr who was absolutely brilliant.
He took a thorough history and then gave Dharma’s tummy a really good examination.
He gave us 2 or 3 possibilities but thinks it’s probably Colitis.
He took a lot more blood samples and is arranging for us to see a dietician in the mean time but most importantly, he changed the medication she was on to one called Buscopan.
Whether is was the change in diet kicking in or the change in medication, I don’t know, but just 24 hours later Dharma was a changed person.
Instead of the usual 5 – 8 trips to the loo for a poo she only had the 1 trip yesterday with no pain! Hallellujah!!
Dharma was so much happier and relaxed and she even went to stay at her Nan’s house last night which she hasn’t wanted to do for a long time.

Will it last? That’s the next question.
I’ve just had a call from her to ask me to take something round that she forgot when she went last night and she sounded just as bright and happy.
This could be good news for school.
We have another meeting tomorrow and now we have some more concrete information we can give them.
To be honest, if Dharma stays as good as she is now or improves, I can see her doing the next week in the Student Support Centre and then going back to her normal classes with all her mates.

But let’s not jump the gun. It’s going to be a tense week! Fingers crossed.

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