Month: December 2013


2012 was rubbish and I had hoped that 2013 would at least be slightly better.
How wrong I was!

I can’t wait to see the back end of this year.
So much so that today was spent taking all the Xmas decorations down.
The house is now bare and tidy and all ready for a fresh start to 2014

Financially things have been stretched to the absolute limit after having to move at the start of the year.
To be honest, the move has been the only things that’s gone well for us this year.
It may be costing us more but the effect it has had on us as a family has been brilliant.
We all have our own space and I got my dining room back.

However, I’m absolutely sick to death of hospital appointments for me, Ian and all 3 of the kids.
I made it through not 1 but 2 cancer scares with my Dad.
My surgery early in the year went well but my foot has now deteriorated back to just about as bad as it was prior to the surgery and it’s now impacting my knees and right hip!
The last two and a half months have been a complete nightmare with poor little Dharma’s tummy troubles and this was the last straw for me personally as I had a little melt down at the beginning of December.

Anyway, I said I wasn’t going to dwell on the downside of life earlier in the month so here comes the positive……

We had a wonderful Xmas.
I was able to host for my parents for the first time in about ten years because of getting my dining room back.

Dharma is doing really well and we’ve had no problems with her tummy over Xmas.
Now it’s just a case of getting her confidence levels back up and get her out of the house a bit more.
Going back to school on the 7th Jan is going to be her first challenge but we are being positive!

I’ve had time to think about things and de-stress.
I’ve taken on board lots of advice and I intend to take things a little easier in the coming year.
I am going to take time out for myself which I haven’t done in a long time.
That is going to start with me and Ian getting unlimited cinema cards so that we can spend more time together doing what we used to enjoy.
We’ve also agreed to going to Frankie and Benny’s one morning a month for breakfast and also going out at least once a month for a lunch somewhere.
Time without the kids, just for us!

I’m going to concentrate on losing a bit of weight and getting more exercise.
I think this will do my foot the world of good. It may be agony for a while but hopefully it will be worth it.

I am going to throw myself into my college course.
I’m feeling all fired up about getting that qualification now.
I need to prove to myself that I can do it.

I aim to have a whole year without taking any sick days!!
Last year was abysmal for one reason or another and I owe it to myself and my colleagues not to let them down in 2014.

Hospital appointments are going to be taken as they come.
In the grand scheme of things, no-one is terminally ill.
They have problems that can be kept in check or dealt with.
There are people a lot worse off than we are and we should be thankful for that.

We have a family wedding to look forward to in February.
The rest of the year is going to be extremely tight financially (nothing new)  but we intend to make the most of it.

So, apart from a little bit of ironing tomorrow (yes, me ironing, don’t say a thing!!) I plan to see the new year in curled up on the sofa and polishing off a bottle of Baileys and nibbles out of the cupboard.
Then it’s time to forget 2013 and this time next year I will hopefully be blogging about how much better the year has been.

So, I hope everyone has a fabulous New Years Eve, whatever you’re doing and I wish you all a very

Happy New Year!!


I’ve just been doing a bit of trolling on the internet to find out about movie releases in 2014.
I’ve decided to make movie going a bit more of a regular thing.
Movies were my hobby growing up and I miss not getting to the cinema more often.
Blurays are great on a big TV but it just isn’t the same as seeing them on the BIG screen and sharing the experience with lots of people.

So here are a few I’ve picked out that have tweaked my interest for one reason or another.
I’m sure there are lots more on the way that are more thought provoking and oscar worthy but when I go to the movies I want a bit of fun and escapism.
Thought provoking and oscar worthy can wait for my On Demand service.

So, starting with releases in January……

This first one has tweaked my interest for all the wrong reasons.
The story is dubious.
The acting looks a bit shaky.
Overall it looks a bit cheesy……… but
Kellan Lutz is Hercules.
The costumes and the muscles look jaw dropping.
The Legend of Hercules.

The next one is The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box.
This time we have some great British talent. Sam Neill, Michael Sheen and Ioan Gruffudd.
Unfortunately, judging by the trailer, the story itself looks a bit weak.
Worth a try though.

Next is ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’
I love the past Jack Ryan movies,  The Hunt for Red October with Alec Baldwin, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger  with Harrison Ford and The Sum of All Fears with Ben Affleck.
I think my favourite to date has been the first one.
However, this time around they have gone right back to a very young Jack Ryan, just starting out in his career and much to little Dharma’s delight they have chosen Chris Pine to play Ryan.
The film is a PG 13…. mmmmm I might just be able to smuggle Dharma in to see it!!

In February we have the re-make of Robocop.
I loved the original but it has become very dated and camp.
This one looks like they have gone for the serious look and it actually looks good.

We have ‘Non-Stop’
Who’d have thought that Liam Neeson would be an action hero at this point in his life!

We also have ‘The Monuments Men’
I discovered this one completely by accident but it looks like it could be quite fun.

In March we have ‘Stretch’.
This is another Chris Pine movie but judging by the storyline I won’t be taking Dharma to see this one.
Considering it’s due for release in March, I can’t find a damned trailer for it!!

A chauffeur takes on a job for a billionaire who makes his life hell.

Patrick Wilson plays a limo driver who discovers he only has one shift left to pay off a big debt, and he rolls the dice. When the chauffeur picks up a reclusive billionaire (Chris Pine) with some deviant appetites, the driver vows to fulfill the guy’s every request, no matter how weird, to score the big tip that could square him. But as the night grows stranger and the driver is pushed into some very dangerous encounters, he worries that the freak in his back seat might just be his final fare.

There is a new biblical blockbuster on the way in the form of ‘Noah’

Moving into April we have ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’
This is the second solo outing for Captian America and it looks like it’s going to be incredible.

We also have an interesting looking film starring Johnny Depp. Not his usual over the top character in this one but some more down to earth acting with a frightening look into a possible future if technology keeps developing at the speed it already is.

‘Draft Day’ is another sports film from Kevin Costner. It also stars Tom Welling. It will be interesting to see him get his teeth into a good role. Haven’t seen much of him since Smallville ended.

In May things start to heat up a little.
Starting with ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2

Followed by ‘Godzilla’

Followed by another installment in the X-Men franchise with ‘X-Men: Days of future Past’

We finish the month with ‘Maleficent’
Continuing the recent glut of fairy stories we have a re-working of Sleeping Beauty with Angelina Joli playing Maleficent who has been fashioned on Disney’s 1950’s version of the character and she looks amazing!!

In June we have ‘ Edge of Tomorrow’
Stright off the back of Oblivion, we have another Tom Cruise adventure.

Followed by 22 Jump Street.
21 Jump Street wasn’t the greatest movie in history but any movie with Channing Tatum has got to be worth a look.

This month we also have ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2.
The first one was amazing and in this one, Hiccup is all grown up.

We also have ‘Transformers 4: Age of Extinction’
There is not trailer for this one yet and any information that has been leaked onto the internet has been taken down so quickly, I can’t keep up.
Just watch this space.

In July we start with ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’
As a fan of the original movies I am interested to see where they are taking this series and how they are going to get there.

We also have ‘Jupiter Ascending’
I caught this one on a trailer on TV the other night.
Another Channing Tatum but in this one it looks like he really gets to flex hi muscles and moves!

This months also see another Hercules movie!!
Hercules: The Thracian Wars.
There’s no trailer yet but they have cast another favourite of mine in the title role. Dwayne Johnson.
Oh yes… tall, well built and perfect for the role of Hercules.
Again, watch this space.

We are now into August and it’s getting harder to find trailers for up coming movies because they are still filming or in post production.
For me, there is only one film I want to see in August.
I have been waiting 2 bloody years for this thing to be released!
It was filmed in the summer of 2011 for a release in 2012 however, after lots of wrangling and a change in distributor, the date kept getting pushed back until they have finally settled on August 29th 2014.
If it doesn’t get released next year I am simply going to burst!!
Can’t wait to see Karl Urban playing a complete shit!
I ‘still’ cannot find this on Youtube for a direct link so you’ll have to click on the following link to see the trailer.

After that things look pretty thin on the ground until Dec when we get the third in the Hobbit trilogy ‘There and Back Again’
There’s also another instalment to the Night at the Museum movies and this time it’s set in London.

There’s got to be more on the way, I’m just tuckered out looking for them.
I’m going to look at getting me and Ian movie cards. That way there’s no arguments about going to the movies a lot and get to see some of the films I wouldn’t normally get to see because I finances.
As long as we see a couple of films each, a month, then the rest is a bonus.


I’m ashamed of myself.

I’ve been seeing screen capped pictures of Karl Urban popping up on the internet and I just couldn’t identify them.
At first I thought they were early shots of him in next years release of ‘The Wonder’ because he was in a car with a couple of kids.
However, it turns out it’s from a US TV spot for the ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ movie.
A movie in which Karl Urban is the voice of ‘Uncle Zack’
I’m a tad confused however, because it’s a live action TV Spot with Karl in a car with two kids and he’s showing them a dinosaur tooth but on his IMDB site he’s cast as ‘Uncle Zack’ voice only.

Anyway, that one crept up on me from nowhere!

I’m going to study the up coming films of 2014 and picking out some of the movies I plan to see.
Time to get back to my childhood hobby and have a bit more ‘me’ time.


I can’t believe I agreed to the plan my kids have hatched up.

It’s been a lovely Xmas.
I hosted for my parents for the first time in almost ten years.
I just haven’t had the space before this because my dining room has always been a bedroom.
After moving to a bigger house in January, I had no excuses!

Boxing Day was spent at my Mum’s house with my Brother and his kids and his new partner and her son.
It was a very layed back day.
I don’t think anyone was really in the mood for much.
The usual arguments ensued when the ‘men’ wanted to watch football all afternoon and if they weren’t watching football they were wanting to play ‘Call of Duty’
Anyway, we did get some games going with lots of cheating going on and lots of giggles.

We got home about an hour ago and then things took a turn.
Dharma started to get a bit tearful about her bedroom and the fact that she always has the small room.
Dharma is the only one of the girls who now still needs a bit of floor space to play with things and she just doesn’t have it.
So after much discussion, we came up with a solution.

Marjorie and Dharma are going to swap rooms!!
My wonderfully generous middle daughter, Marjorie, has told Dharma she doesn’t mind swapping.
Marjorie only uses her room for sleeping and lounging around so the smaller space won’t make much of a difference to her.
The bigger space is going to make Dharma so much happier.
She owes Marjorie….. BIG TIME!!

So! What do you think I’m doing tomorrow?
You guessed it.
It’s going to be a mega sort out and move around day.



This is a shout out for a friend of mine who has started writing romance novels.

I’m the first one to admit that I’m not a big reader but I have been slowly working my way through his first two novels to give him feedback.
They are gentle, funny and romantic. Not my usual cup of tea but I have enjoyed getting them chapter by chapter.

He’s started writing very short stories to accompany the novels and the first short story is now available on for download.
It’s a perfect quick read for a tea break or a distraction on a trip into work on the bus.

Give it a go and make sure you write a review!!

Just follow this link…….


I didn’t realise how hard it would be to stop blogging about things that are getting me down.
Today is one of those days that I just want to get down in writing because it didn’t get off to the greatest of starts.

We had a bad morning with Dharma.
It’s 10am and she has only just made it to school.

Having said that……. seeing the positive in the situation…..
She ‘is’ at school.
She divulged some information about why she was worried about going to school.
It’s a start.

I am now going to write my Xmas cards and maybe do some of my College work.
I am going to think about ‘me’ for a change.
Then I have to cook a ‘giant’ chicken for dinner.
I’m not kidding…. 3.4kg!!! It’s a mutant chicken!!