General diary entries


Finally got Dharma to school this morning. Only half an hour late, so better than yesterday.

I now have until just before 3pm all to myself.
No kids, no housework and unfortunately no internet. The broadband box died yesterday morning so I am writing this on my phone. 😦

It amazes me. Virgin can replace a lost or stolen mobile in 24 hours but a broadband box takes 3-4 working days.
I’ve seen 2 engineers in the area this morning and I know one lives just down the road. What would it take for one of them to just drop a box off? Not happy.

Anyway, I think today has to be a movie day.
I have 1 more shift at work tomorrow before I have my annual two weeks off to prepare for Xmas.
Lots of baking, cleaning, present wrapping, card writing, gardening and all interspersed with hospital appointments and my course classes.

So, nearly 11am and I haven’t heard from the school… So time to pick a movie!!

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