General diary entries


I have just had, probably the hardest experience of my life so far.

Forget walking down the aisle, forget taking exams, forget taking a driving test or going for a job interview. forget even leaving my kids at school for the first time or at the beginning of each school year……..
No, today I had the hardest experience of the lot.
Leaving my 11 year old at school after pleading with me for over an hour not to make her stay.
She even had me in tears at the school reception and I NEVER cry when I leave my kids at school!!

It had to be done.
She hasn’t been at school for a month.
She’s been unwell and at first we thought it was a bug, however, she has developed pain in her right side and she gets nauseous and has boughts of diarhoea.
She’s had a blood test that has ruled out anything infectious. We are waiting for more results to rule out Chrohns or Coeliac and we are also waiting for a scan.
We have a history of Gall bladder problems on both sides of the family so we are half expecting the same in Dharma.
She sits at home doing school work but she is in her comfort bubble and like the school has said, if she’s well enough to do her work at home, there’s no reason she can’t do it at school.
She needs to get back to school and they are being really good. She has been told she can sit in the Learning Support centre where she can work at her own pace but with support from all her teachers and most importantly she has free access to the disabled toilet and she can go as often as she likes without worrying about getting into trouble.
She can also get back in touch with some of her friends.

So, today was the day but she had a bad day yesterday and got herself into a real tizzy about going back to school this morning.
I literally had to drag her out of the house and drive her to school.
We spent about 15 minutes sat in reception before talking to Mrs Henderson who said she could have a half day to break her back into school gently.
After lots of pleading and crying (me included) she finally went in.
I can quite safely say, that was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I came home and settled down with a cup of milky coffee and I was beginning to feel better when I received a call from the school.
My heart sank!!
However, it wasn’t about Dharma, it was about Murron.
She had just been sick and needed picking up!!!


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