General diary entries


And relax………..

After a particularly stressy week filled with school meetings about attendance levels, Murron’s mock exams, Dr’s visit for Marjorie, Dr’s visit for Dharma followed by blood tests and a request for a scan, another visit to school to try and get Dharma back even though she’s still feeling crap, a visit to College to fire up Murron and get her thinking about her future, a flaming dissagreement with Mother who touched a bit of a raw nerve towards the end of the week and of course work still had to go on as normal……. I actually made it to a day off.

A real day off too.
The family have agreed to freezer and cupboard dive so I don’t have to go to Tesco.
I have beer in the fridge. A bag of nibbles and even a little bit of chocolate.
I feel a few movies coming on!!

Categories: General diary entries

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