Month: November 2013


It’s not been a great day today.
We couldn’t get Dharma out the door for school.
She’s now not sleeping properly to add to everything else.
Her tummy problems are worse in the morning and all we end up doing when we push to get her out the door in time is to make her absolutely hysterical.
In desperation today we phoned the GP again and discussed our worries.
We then went in to see the GP this afternoon so that she could re-evaluate things.
As Dharma is well hydrated and not acutely ill, she won’t be considered for admission. Kind of a relief!
However, we confirmed that she has been referred to paediatrics at the hospital and that it has been marked ‘urgent’.
It is now up to the hospital to triage that request.
In the meantime, we have decided to treat as if she has IBS and are making some drastic changes to her diet.
The GP has also prescribed some anti spasmodics to ‘hopefully’ help with the tummy pain and cramps.
We have also noticed that if she is allowed to take her time in the morning, Dharma is usually quite chipper around 10:30 – 11am and we have discussed with the school about getting her in for a late start each day so she’s not so pressured to get out the door before 08:30.

On the upside today, I got a new phone!!
I had a call yesterday informing me that I am now eligible for an upgrade so I went onto the virgin website to see what was available and decided to spoil myself with a Sony Experia Z1!!
It has a huge screen. It’s lovely and so much more responsive than my old HTC and I loved that too!!

Right, I got absolutley nothing productive done today.
Might just have to have a major cleaning and baking day tomorrow.
Time to put my feet up for now.


It’s been a movie night.
I started with Behind the Candelabra. Brilliant film. Michael Douglas did a wonderful job as Liberace. Matt Damon was ‘very’ brave and Rob Lowe was histerical.

I am now watching ‘Now you see me’ about a group of illusionists who rob banks during their shows.
The film started with a card trick that the audience can participate in and it got me!! Great start. I love a good illusion.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty relaxing weekend. It’s been a good start to two weeks of annual leave. Tomorrow will be the start of a busy week.
2 appointments at the hospital for Murron and Marjorie and if it stays dry I’ll be doing a final tidy up in the gardens.

Dharma’s scan on Friday was clear and after speaking to the Gp she is being referred to paediatrics at the hospital. So it’s another waiting game. We now suspect irritable bowel syndrome so we are making some changes to Dharma’s diet to see if anything improves before we see the Doctor.

Right, back to the film.


Finally got Dharma to school this morning. Only half an hour late, so better than yesterday.

I now have until just before 3pm all to myself.
No kids, no housework and unfortunately no internet. The broadband box died yesterday morning so I am writing this on my phone. 😦

It amazes me. Virgin can replace a lost or stolen mobile in 24 hours but a broadband box takes 3-4 working days.
I’ve seen 2 engineers in the area this morning and I know one lives just down the road. What would it take for one of them to just drop a box off? Not happy.

Anyway, I think today has to be a movie day.
I have 1 more shift at work tomorrow before I have my annual two weeks off to prepare for Xmas.
Lots of baking, cleaning, present wrapping, card writing, gardening and all interspersed with hospital appointments and my course classes.

So, nearly 11am and I haven’t heard from the school… So time to pick a movie!!


I am very relieved to inform you that the TV series I have been banging on about for the last few months, Almost Human, is brilliant!!
OK, I may be little bit biased because Karl Urban is the lead but even if he wasn’t, this is the kind of show I like to get excited about and look forward to each week.
The fact that Karl is in it is just a happy bonus!

When stripped down to it’s basics it’s a buddy cop show.
Nothing new there.
However, it is set about 35 years into the future. Not so far that things are unrecognisable and what the show achieves is a sense that this is the kind of future we are heading into. The technology is not so over the top you can’t see it happening.
Karl Urban and Michael Ealy have a great chemistry together and there are some real laugh out loud moments.
If it can make it past the dreaded first season cut, I can see it being as successful as past JJ Abrams/Bad Robot productions like Fringe and Lost.

It has been given a Monday night prime time slot so they obviously have a lot of faith in this show at the moment.
So this is what my Tuesday evenings will look like for a while.

Almost Human

Yum Yum!




Friday can’t come quick enough.
We need to get this scan done.
After lots of fighting and screaming this morning, Dharma has finally got into the car with Ian to go to school.
After the way she was throwing herself around I’m now not totally convinced she’s in the pain she says she is!
If this scan is clear I have no idea what we are going to do.

Anyway, sitting here now I have just realised that this is the first day off I’ve had in about 6 weeks where there are no children at home.
OK, it may only be until lunch time when I go and get Dharma but right now I am on my own.
I can now relax and enjoy the Almost Human premiere.

I’ve been very good.
The first episode aired on Sunday evening and the second episode was last night.
I have resisted the urge to watch until I had both episodes and now that I have the house to myself for a couple of hours I can really relax and enjoy it.

Here’s hoping it’s as good as i hope it will be.


I’ve had enough and so has Dharma now.

After a very tearful send off in the school reception yesterday (by both of us) she actually had a good day.
She even had a visit from some of her friends that really perked her up at break time and when I went to collect her at lunchtime I got a very sheepish smile and an apology.
She was all fired up about school again and ready to go back this morning.
She was going to walk in with Marjorie, spend the whole day in the learning centre and then walk home.


This morning was a different story.
She woke up and immediately locked herself in the toilet where she stayed for a whole hour because she couldn’t get off!!
I couldn’t make her go into school like that. It would just be cruel.
I’m now really worried about her.
I phoned the GP’s (in tears again I might add) and asked to have a Dr call me back which they did within the hour.
However, Dharma’s symptoms are not ‘acute’ enough to do anything other than what’s already been done.
We simply have to wait for the scan, although the Dr could chase it as an emergency.
Her bloods have all come back clear, including the Coeliac screen.
So what the hell is causing this right sided pain and watery stools?

Apparantly an 11 year old who has had these symtoms for a whole month is not a priority.!

We are currently waiting for a Dr to make a house call because Dharma refuses to go out of the house and away from the toilet.
I am hoping that they will refer us to the Paeds Dept at the hospital today.
That way, she stands a good chance of getting a scan done today rather than having to wait a couple of weeks.
We can but hope.

I am now at the end of my tether.
I’m just fed up with juggling GP appointments and hospital appointments for everyone.
The poor Dr on the phone this morning must have thought I was crazy as I cried down the phone when relaying the whole story yet again.

To add to my stress, I’m working 5 out of the next 6 days (12.5 hour shifts) and Ian is away until Friday night on a business trip in York.
So this will all be landing on my Mother’s shoulders tomorrow.

I do have one piece of good news today though.
I have just spoken to my Dad who is on his way back from Addenbrookes.
He had a second more in depth biopsy of his prostate there a couple of weeks ago and again it has come back as showing nothing sinister!!
So big sigh of relief there.

Anyway, back to waiting for this Dr to turn up.
The longer they take, the less chance there is of getting a scan today.


I have just had, probably the hardest experience of my life so far.

Forget walking down the aisle, forget taking exams, forget taking a driving test or going for a job interview. forget even leaving my kids at school for the first time or at the beginning of each school year……..
No, today I had the hardest experience of the lot.
Leaving my 11 year old at school after pleading with me for over an hour not to make her stay.
She even had me in tears at the school reception and I NEVER cry when I leave my kids at school!!

It had to be done.
She hasn’t been at school for a month.
She’s been unwell and at first we thought it was a bug, however, she has developed pain in her right side and she gets nauseous and has boughts of diarhoea.
She’s had a blood test that has ruled out anything infectious. We are waiting for more results to rule out Chrohns or Coeliac and we are also waiting for a scan.
We have a history of Gall bladder problems on both sides of the family so we are half expecting the same in Dharma.
She sits at home doing school work but she is in her comfort bubble and like the school has said, if she’s well enough to do her work at home, there’s no reason she can’t do it at school.
She needs to get back to school and they are being really good. She has been told she can sit in the Learning Support centre where she can work at her own pace but with support from all her teachers and most importantly she has free access to the disabled toilet and she can go as often as she likes without worrying about getting into trouble.
She can also get back in touch with some of her friends.

So, today was the day but she had a bad day yesterday and got herself into a real tizzy about going back to school this morning.
I literally had to drag her out of the house and drive her to school.
We spent about 15 minutes sat in reception before talking to Mrs Henderson who said she could have a half day to break her back into school gently.
After lots of pleading and crying (me included) she finally went in.
I can quite safely say, that was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I came home and settled down with a cup of milky coffee and I was beginning to feel better when I received a call from the school.
My heart sank!!
However, it wasn’t about Dharma, it was about Murron.
She had just been sick and needed picking up!!!