Dish of the Weeks


Over the last few weeks I have been getting more and more excited about a TV show that won’t even air until next year.
I accidentally stumbled across a site that was talking about a new production starting in Scotland.
Then to my astonishment I realised they were bringing some of my favourite books to the small screen.

The Outlander series by Diana Gabalden

Although these books are told from the viewpoint of a heroin, Claire Randall, there is one very important character in her life.
Today I got my first look at how they are portraying this character and I’m actually quite pleased.

So, Dish of the Week number 49 is James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.
As portrayed by Sam Heughan.
Jamie Fraser

Although the series starts in post second world war Scotland, it quickly lands our heroin in the Scottish Highlands in 1743.
Hence the costume!

This is an amazing set of books and I’ve only read the first 4!
Expect me to get very excited as this series looms nearer.
They are already saying it could be bigger than Game of Thrones.
I certainly hope so.

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  1. You are obviously a great fan of the books and now the TV series. Thanks for such a visual summary of the show. Like you I am looking forward to Series 2.

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