General diary entries


Well this week is going from bad to worse.

I was hoping to get the gardens tidied and ready for winter but the weather has put paid to that one.

Dharma has been off school now since 14th Oct with diahhroea.
She’S been fine in herself with no temp or vomitting, just the bad tummy and I thought she was fighting what I had the previous week so I wasn’t too worried.
However, it carried on and on and on.
I thought she had turned a corner yesterday when she spent all day doing school catchup work and was generally back to her normal self but at 03:30 this morning things took a turn for the worse and her bad tummy is back with a vengeance and she is now feeling very sick as well.
I had a chat with the GP who has said that it’s probably viral and it’s not unusual for it to take over two weeks to settle down, I just need to make sure she keeps drinking plenty.

On Monday I also had Murron home for the day with similar symtoms but she actually went back to school yesterday.
I hate to say it but I wish she hadn’t!!
She had a HUGE run in with her RE teacher and has been placed in date room until the end of term and has detention after school every day until the end of term.
She’s not happy. She hates school. She can’t see why exams are so important. She is now on a HUGE downward spiral.
To be honest, once I have heard the evidence, if what I suspect has happened, has happened, I want that teacher out!
It’s not the first time she’s had a run in with Murron and Murron isn’t the only pupil she’s had problems with, currently or even in the past.
I think she is past her sell by date and had better watch it!

Oh yes! I also had a trip to A+E on Sunday with Dharma to get her elbow checked out.
Thought she’d broken it after she bashed it. Thankfully not but she has a lovely bruise.

So! my quiet week home alone and pottering around in the garden has turned into a week nursing sick kids and dealing with unwanted school situations.
It’s my birthday tomorrow, some day that’s going to be.


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