General diary entries


I started a week of annual leave today.
It started off well when Murron and her lovely boyfriend Tom made me a cracking fry up for breakfast.
Then things went a little awry when I ended up at the hospital for a couple of hours with Dharma!!
It never fails.

She banged her elbow quite hard on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday it was hurting but because she was with Nanny all day and I was working, she didn’t tell me until about 9pm on Saturday evening.
She was staying with Nanny that night so I told her to take some pain relief and I’d check it in the morning.
When I looked at it this morning it was very touch sensitive and she was complaining of tingling in her lower arm so I thought we’d better get it checked.
Thankfully there’s no break. Looks like she’s just bruised the bundle of nerves in that area which is why it’s so sore and why she’s getting tingling.

So, now we’re home, I’ve tidied up, I’ve done a quick Tesco trip and now it’s time to sit with a beer and some nibbles and watch a movie…. or two!

Categories: General diary entries

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