Month: October 2013


Over the last few weeks I have been getting more and more excited about a TV show that won’t even air until next year.
I accidentally stumbled across a site that was talking about a new production starting in Scotland.
Then to my astonishment I realised they were bringing some of my favourite books to the small screen.

The Outlander series by Diana Gabalden

Although these books are told from the viewpoint of a heroin, Claire Randall, there is one very important character in her life.
Today I got my first look at how they are portraying this character and I’m actually quite pleased.

So, Dish of the Week number 49 is James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.
As portrayed by Sam Heughan.
Jamie Fraser

Although the series starts in post second world war Scotland, it quickly lands our heroin in the Scottish Highlands in 1743.
Hence the costume!

This is an amazing set of books and I’ve only read the first 4!
Expect me to get very excited as this series looms nearer.
They are already saying it could be bigger than Game of Thrones.
I certainly hope so.


Well this week just gets better and better.
Even my birthday was overshadowed by having kids at home sick!
At least it ended on a high note snuggled in front of the TV with a BIG bottle of Baileys.

Last night we attended a totally useless 6th form open evening at Rutherford.
What a complete waste of time that was.
Talk about cherry picking their students so that their success figures ‘look good’.
Kids now need to have 7 A* – C’s to be in with a chance of even being accepted!
They also interview you, look at your attendence record and also your sickness record.
So that’s Murron out of the picture before she even gets started.

Forgive me for saying but I thought 6th form was a place to re-take exams if you didn’t do too well and a place to continue your education if you wanted.
When I was at school, 6th form was a place to re-take GCSE’s and ‘O’ levels and/or continue studying to ‘A’ levels to get into Uni.
There was no applying to stay, no having to have passed 7 exams to even be considered for staying.
It was just accepted that if you wanted to stay on, you stayed on!!

Then today we received an e-mail saying…

I think it would be most prudent to meet after the Half Term break to look at what additional support the school are able to offer Murron in her GCSE year. In addition we would like to meet to also discuss Dharma’s transition to Upper School and how she is settling in.

Please be re-assured that this meeting is most definitely in a supportive capacity, it would be useful however, for you to bring any documentation relating to ongoing health conditions which may impact on either Murron or Dharma’s attendance in the future months.

I think they are going to be in for a shock.
We’ve just pulled all past and current hospital paperwork on all three kids.
We will be ‘discussing’ how they are putting unnecessary pressure on Murron and especially Dharma who only started the school in September!!

I don’t like the way they are making us feel like criminals for keeping the kids at home when they are sick.
We actually got told off a couple of weeks ago for sending Dharma in when she wasn’t feeling great and they had to send her home!! WE CAN’T WIN!!

Thank god it’s half term next week.
I plan to relax this weekend and think of nothing.
I will be catching up on reading a friends book and actually looking forward to going back to work.
This whole week has just given me a headache and panic attacks and I’m not feeling relaxed at all.
I need a holiday…….
Oh wait! Can’t do that because we’ll get bollocked by the school and fined.


Well this week is going from bad to worse.

I was hoping to get the gardens tidied and ready for winter but the weather has put paid to that one.

Dharma has been off school now since 14th Oct with diahhroea.
She’S been fine in herself with no temp or vomitting, just the bad tummy and I thought she was fighting what I had the previous week so I wasn’t too worried.
However, it carried on and on and on.
I thought she had turned a corner yesterday when she spent all day doing school catchup work and was generally back to her normal self but at 03:30 this morning things took a turn for the worse and her bad tummy is back with a vengeance and she is now feeling very sick as well.
I had a chat with the GP who has said that it’s probably viral and it’s not unusual for it to take over two weeks to settle down, I just need to make sure she keeps drinking plenty.

On Monday I also had Murron home for the day with similar symtoms but she actually went back to school yesterday.
I hate to say it but I wish she hadn’t!!
She had a HUGE run in with her RE teacher and has been placed in date room until the end of term and has detention after school every day until the end of term.
She’s not happy. She hates school. She can’t see why exams are so important. She is now on a HUGE downward spiral.
To be honest, once I have heard the evidence, if what I suspect has happened, has happened, I want that teacher out!
It’s not the first time she’s had a run in with Murron and Murron isn’t the only pupil she’s had problems with, currently or even in the past.
I think she is past her sell by date and had better watch it!

Oh yes! I also had a trip to A+E on Sunday with Dharma to get her elbow checked out.
Thought she’d broken it after she bashed it. Thankfully not but she has a lovely bruise.

So! my quiet week home alone and pottering around in the garden has turned into a week nursing sick kids and dealing with unwanted school situations.
It’s my birthday tomorrow, some day that’s going to be.



I’ve just watched ‘World War Z’ with Brad Pitt and apart from thoroughly enjoying it and realizing that fast zombies really freak me out, I also came to the realization that Brad Pitt and Karl Urban could play brothers in a film together!!
The older Pitt looks uncanilly like Karl Urban as Eomer in Lord of the rings.

Karl and Brad

Even one of my daughters who came in mid film mistook Brad for Karl!

Don’t worry Karl. Brad may be hot but you’ll always be hotter.


I started a week of annual leave today.
It started off well when Murron and her lovely boyfriend Tom made me a cracking fry up for breakfast.
Then things went a little awry when I ended up at the hospital for a couple of hours with Dharma!!
It never fails.

She banged her elbow quite hard on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday it was hurting but because she was with Nanny all day and I was working, she didn’t tell me until about 9pm on Saturday evening.
She was staying with Nanny that night so I told her to take some pain relief and I’d check it in the morning.
When I looked at it this morning it was very touch sensitive and she was complaining of tingling in her lower arm so I thought we’d better get it checked.
Thankfully there’s no break. Looks like she’s just bruised the bundle of nerves in that area which is why it’s so sore and why she’s getting tingling.

So, now we’re home, I’ve tidied up, I’ve done a quick Tesco trip and now it’s time to sit with a beer and some nibbles and watch a movie…. or two!


That’s it then.
No turning back now.

Yesterday I started my Level 3 QCF in Health and Social care.
Now I know exactly what’s involved I find myself a little more than daunted.
I haven’t done anything like this since leaving school 25 years ago!!
I’ve go to get my brain back into gear.

We are off to a fairly leisurely start.
I have to study up on Employment Law and Rights which is not exactly exciting but is an important part of the course.
So over the next 7 months I will be going into that subject a little more in depth and brushing up on my English and Maths!
Then the remaining 15 – 17 months will be taken up with the competency side of the course and I will probably get the opportunity to try some new things that hopefully I can bring to my job.

The more I think about it, the more I think I have made the right decision.
I just hope I don’t let anyone down. Especially myself.


A new show started last week.
A show based on an old 70’s kids show called ‘The Tomorrow People’
It was a show I used to watch but was never completely into and I can’t remember much about it but Ian is a big fan and remembers everything.

The first show was good and Ian says it’s pretty true to the original with some good plot changes.
I don’t care, I enjoyed it anyway and it was made all the more enjoyable by the lead actor.

Robbie Amell.

Robbie Amell 01

He’s 6’2″ but he’s only 25 years old so I am definately old enough to be his Mother!!
Not good.

Robbie Amell 02

He obviously comes from a family with good genes because he is the younger cousin of Stephen Amell who is currently playing the CW’s ‘Arrow’
Here they are together.

Robbie Amell 03

Whatever, The Tomorrow People got off to a good start and judging by the Comic Con Sizzle Reel, we’ve got a lot to look forward to this season!