General diary entries


It’s been a whole week since my last post.
The gaps between my blog posts has gradually been getting bigger and bigger.

I seem to have hit my usual end of the year depression.
Once the summer holidays are over the depression sets in.
All my hopes for the year have drifted away into nothingness and I hit the ‘I can’t wait for it to end’ stage.
After spending the summer watching people post pictures on Facebook of holidays that I can only dream of, I get a little maudlin.
Apart from a bit of a family get together in a couple of weeks I have nothing to look forward to before Xmas.

I have some annual leave the week of my birthday in October but even that is going to be spent tidying the gardens ready for the winter.
I may get out for a meal with Ian at some point but that is highly dependent on Ian’s car making it through it’s MOT.

I spent a couple of hours the other day working out our spreadsheet for our bills and savings next year.
This year our Xmas savings have been going onto a couple of credit cards which is great for paying off the cards and is doing our credit history the world of good, however, we will be using the credit cards again to cover Xmas so they will more than likely be maxed out again before New Year.
I have looked long and hard at our outgoings on our spreadsheet and I have worked out a way to make credit card payments AND put Xmas spending money away into savings pots in our bank account and still cover all our other bills and savings pots.
It’s going to be really tight…… what’s new!!
We are going to need to utilise Ian’s bonus (if he gets one) to put some money onto cards, put some away into savings to buffer the months where we fall a little short and then Ian needs to get his teeth sorted and we both desperately need new glasses.
There’s no flex for anything going wrong so we are hoping that life won’t throw us anymore curveballs for a while.

Now, all I need is for the kids to stop eating and growing!!
A little lottery win wouldn’t got amiss either.
Just enough for a house would be nice.

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