General diary entries


It’s been a very quiet weekend.
I did all the shopping I needed for the weekend after work on Friday afternoon.
Saturday was spent pottering around having a bit of a tidy up and I finally sat down at around 17:00

Dharma blagged the night round Nan’s.
Marjorie locked herself away in her room.
Murron had her boyfriend over to stay.
It’s getting quite serious with these two. She’s happy though and she’s settling down a bit, especially with school, so fingers crossed for her. He seems to be having a good influence on her.

Today I have done nothing except play on the PC and then settle on the sofa to watch Paul with a bag of crisps and a beer!
I will never get bored with this film.
Absolutely hilarious.
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost = Comedy Genius.

The only thing to worry about now is what to watch next?
1000 films on the shelf and don’t fancy any of them.
I could watch Iron Man 3 on demand but that’s £5 and considering I’m planning on getting the Blu Ray on payday, is it worth it?

Maybe a marathon catch up with one of the TV shows I stopped watching early last season?

Will be topping it all off with Chicken and bacon stacked burgers and some more beer.
Nom Nom
And I wonder why I’m the size of a bus.

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