General diary entries


Why? Why when the phone rings do I ‘have’ to answer it?

It never fails to bug me in the evenings.
2, 3, 4 phone calls in a row.
Usually when I have just nestled down on the sofa and left the phone on the desk.

Just lately I have been feeling a little like Pavlov’s dog.
Conditioned to respond to the phone ringing.
Especially with my mobile phone.

I have taken to ignoring my house phone and my mobile phone when I am in no mood to answer it.
Why should I?
Most of the time it’s someone trying to sell me something or one of the kids who want something and are too lazy to walk downstairs and get it for themselves!!
If it’s an important call, they’ll call back.

So I apologise now.
I will no longer feel pressured into answering that bloody bell when it rings.

Categories: General diary entries

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