Month: September 2013


It has not been a good week.
With Murron’s bout of severe tonsillitis and then Dharma having a suspected case of Gastroenteritis we are once again, not in the good books at school.
However, when that school informs us that they are closing at lunch time on Thursday next week for an open evening and having a Teacher Training day on the Friday I get a little annoyed when they have the audacity to moan about my kids attendence record.
I get absolutely livid when they then tell me they are having to close the school on Tuesday as well because the poor hard done by teachers are striking because of pay and pensions.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…..
Welcome to the real world!!!!
Everyone works hard and everyone pays a pension. Get over it!!
I know teachers work hard and I know they do a lot of prep work at home but they are on a salary I can only dream of and at the same time they get 13 weeks of school holidays.
Surely they can use that time for preparation and still have the 5 or 6 weeks of annual leave that is allocated to the rest of the country……. if they are lucky!!
Teachers went into their professions knowing exactly what they were getting into so stop complaining about it!

As for these Teacher Taining days….. they should be done in the school holiday periods too.
My kids are forced to lose a whole week of education across the year because of them and when I then get another letter sent home stating that because of a change in the law Headteachers CANNOT now authorise absence during term time and if I choose to take my kids out of school I will now be fined I start to get a bit of steam coming out of my ears.
Not that I can afford a holiday to take my kids on because of my low wage and high tax and pension payments!!

To top my week off we have just been turned down for a small loan.
The loan would have been extremely handy for a new (second hand) car for Ian as his is now falling apart and will be lucky to make through an MOT.
It would have cleared our 2 really small credit cards and allowed us to tackle Xmas without hitting the 2 bigger credit cards.
It would have made payments across next year easier and the year after we would have been laughing….. for a change.
We went through our bank who we have been with for the last ten years and who can see the regular wages coming through the account but because ‘the human’ decision has been taken away and we are now credit scored, we were declined.
Extremely deflating.
We’ve looked at our credit history and it is going to be at least another 2 years before we can think of applying for anything again.
2 years of struggling through our payments, which by the way, we NEVER miss and always pay way more than the minimums.
If we had had the opportunity to sit with an advisor with the authority to make the decision, with all our paperwork and figures laid out for them to see, then I think the decision would have been totally different.
So frustrating!!

So, not the best start to three days off.
I suppose I had better take the opprtunity to cut the grass as the sun is actually shining.
Not that I’m really in the mood for it now.


It’s been a whole week since my last post.
The gaps between my blog posts has gradually been getting bigger and bigger.

I seem to have hit my usual end of the year depression.
Once the summer holidays are over the depression sets in.
All my hopes for the year have drifted away into nothingness and I hit the ‘I can’t wait for it to end’ stage.
After spending the summer watching people post pictures on Facebook of holidays that I can only dream of, I get a little maudlin.
Apart from a bit of a family get together in a couple of weeks I have nothing to look forward to before Xmas.

I have some annual leave the week of my birthday in October but even that is going to be spent tidying the gardens ready for the winter.
I may get out for a meal with Ian at some point but that is highly dependent on Ian’s car making it through it’s MOT.

I spent a couple of hours the other day working out our spreadsheet for our bills and savings next year.
This year our Xmas savings have been going onto a couple of credit cards which is great for paying off the cards and is doing our credit history the world of good, however, we will be using the credit cards again to cover Xmas so they will more than likely be maxed out again before New Year.
I have looked long and hard at our outgoings on our spreadsheet and I have worked out a way to make credit card payments AND put Xmas spending money away into savings pots in our bank account and still cover all our other bills and savings pots.
It’s going to be really tight…… what’s new!!
We are going to need to utilise Ian’s bonus (if he gets one) to put some money onto cards, put some away into savings to buffer the months where we fall a little short and then Ian needs to get his teeth sorted and we both desperately need new glasses.
There’s no flex for anything going wrong so we are hoping that life won’t throw us anymore curveballs for a while.

Now, all I need is for the kids to stop eating and growing!!
A little lottery win wouldn’t got amiss either.
Just enough for a house would be nice.


It’s been a very quiet weekend.
I did all the shopping I needed for the weekend after work on Friday afternoon.
Saturday was spent pottering around having a bit of a tidy up and I finally sat down at around 17:00

Dharma blagged the night round Nan’s.
Marjorie locked herself away in her room.
Murron had her boyfriend over to stay.
It’s getting quite serious with these two. She’s happy though and she’s settling down a bit, especially with school, so fingers crossed for her. He seems to be having a good influence on her.

Today I have done nothing except play on the PC and then settle on the sofa to watch Paul with a bag of crisps and a beer!
I will never get bored with this film.
Absolutely hilarious.
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost = Comedy Genius.

The only thing to worry about now is what to watch next?
1000 films on the shelf and don’t fancy any of them.
I could watch Iron Man 3 on demand but that’s £5 and considering I’m planning on getting the Blu Ray on payday, is it worth it?

Maybe a marathon catch up with one of the TV shows I stopped watching early last season?

Will be topping it all off with Chicken and bacon stacked burgers and some more beer.
Nom Nom
And I wonder why I’m the size of a bus.


Why? Why when the phone rings do I ‘have’ to answer it?

It never fails to bug me in the evenings.
2, 3, 4 phone calls in a row.
Usually when I have just nestled down on the sofa and left the phone on the desk.

Just lately I have been feeling a little like Pavlov’s dog.
Conditioned to respond to the phone ringing.
Especially with my mobile phone.

I have taken to ignoring my house phone and my mobile phone when I am in no mood to answer it.
Why should I?
Most of the time it’s someone trying to sell me something or one of the kids who want something and are too lazy to walk downstairs and get it for themselves!!
If it’s an important call, they’ll call back.

So I apologise now.
I will no longer feel pressured into answering that bloody bell when it rings.


I have an anniversary tomorrow.
A one year anniversary to be precise.
It will be one year to the day that I became totally obsessed with Karl Urban!
It’s sad isn’t it.

One year ago tomorrow we went to see Dredd 3D and even though I had seen him in other things for nearly 10 years it was only after Dredd 3D that I became obsessed.
It really has been an obsession too.
There is barely a blog of mine over the last year that doesn’t mention him. Even fleetingly.
He’s made it to my Dish of the Weeks 3 times!!

So I owe a big thank you to my husband.
If he wasn’t such a big 2000 AD fan I wouldn’t have even have known who Dredd was.

Dredd visor flames

In the last year, apart from his very early TV roles in New Zealand, I have seen and collected everything he has been in.
Being a Trekker I am over the moon that he plays Dr ‘Bones’ McCoy in the JJ Abrams reboot of the Star Trek franchise.

McCoy 02

He is a franchise kind of guy because he was also Eomer in Lord of the rings.


He is one sexy vampire in Priest.


He was Bourne’s greatest adversary in The Bourne Supremacy.


He kicks ass and gets his ass seriously kicked in RED with Bruce Willis.


Just a few of my favourites.
The more I find out about Karl the more I love him.
He is living his dream.
He makes movies that feed his inner Geek and he is one of the biggest Geeks going!!
He is a Star Trek fan.
He loves Sci-fi.
He is obsessed with Judge Dredd.
It’s not surprising then that JJ Abrams managed to get him to star in his new TV series ‘Almost Human’ that starts on November 4th.
I really can’t wait to get this one.
Karl Urban on my TV every week for a whole series!!

But Karl as just Karl is simply the best.

483 789

Great excuse to watch Dredd again tomorrow and follow it with a few more Urban movies.
Doom, Priest, Pathfinder, Riddick, Price of Milk, RED, Ghost Ship, Lord of the Rings 2 and 3, Out of the Blue, And Soon the Darkness, The Truth About Demons, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness….. there just aren’t enough hours in the day!!


I’ve just seen the casting news for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and I am not a happy bunny.
They have chosen someone to play Christian who is completely so not like the character I had pictured that I will probably hate the movie because he does NOTHING for me.

Charlie Hannum.

Charlie Hannum

Eeeww. He will not be making it onto my Dish of the Weeks any time soon.
He looks too old and a bit weather worn.
There is nothing sizzling and smooth about him in any way shape or form.

As for his leading lady…. Dakota Johnson.

Dakota Johnson

I’m sorry but she looks too old and too ‘experienced’ already!!
There is nothing shy and innocent about her at all.

My fantasy has now been completely dashed.
I will watch with interest to see how they transform these actors in the hope that they can salvage some of my dreams but for now they have been completely squashed.