General diary entries


It’s been a good weekend.
I started it on Friday by doing a very short shift of just 4 hours and then I came home and paid all the bills because it was payday.
I did a bit of a top up shop and got the meat from the butcher for the month.
Easy come, easy go.
It’s going to be a really tight month but I managed to scrape together enough money to enjoy a night out with the girls from work on Friday night.
I enjoyed our party room at the Embankment. Had a few beers, lots of conversation, a good catch up with few people and lots of laughs.
I got talked into going onto the next port of call but that was just too noisy and I couldn’t hear myself think.
I made a quick exit with another like minded co-worker and left the partying to the younger generation.
That makes me sound really old!!

Saturday was monsoon day.
I woke up at around 05:30 to rain. REALLY heavy rain.
I can’t remember the last time it rained that hard for so long.
The rest of the day was quite damp but we had a couple of old friends over for a few drinks and movies.
They brought Lesbian Vampire Killers with them and that was actually quite funny. Not something I would watch again but OK the first time around.
Then we trawled through Netflix and picked out two of the worst movies in history.
Howard The Duck and Planet Terror.
We didn’t make it through either of them.
Words cannot express just how bad they were.

Today I am chilling.
Drinking a few more beers and watching a few more movies.
I am currently half way through The Chronicles of Riddick.
Yes, it’s a Karl urban movie and I have to admit that his character of Lord Vaako is probably one of the sexiest. I just loved his look in it.


Don’t know what’s next on the list.
I may actually watch Star Trek and then look forward to the realease of Star Trek Into Darkness on Bluray a week tomorrow.
Lucky me, I saved enough money from Friday night to be able to buy a copy!! Can’t wait.

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