General diary entries


I have 5 minutes before I’m off to work so just enough time for a quick blog.
Not a lot going on, so not a lot to tell.

After a week of feeling crap and a weekend of feeling complete shit, Ian has turned a corner.
He was a lot more like himself last night and actually ventured downstairs to watch a film with us.
He’s not back at work now until next week so he has a lot of relaxing to do.

Dharma did the first half of her cycling proficiency yesterday and she has the second half today.
She had lots of fun and will hopefully get a certificate today.

Murron is just whiling away her holiday with her friends in town.

Marjorie is Marjorie.
I swear she was a Panda in a previous life.
She eats and sleeps and curls up on the sofa.
She has no get up and go at the moment.
I think the time she spent in a spika as a baby and a toddler have squashed her sense of adventure.
The added recent problem with her foot has not helped at all.
I really must do something to drag her off that sofa.

With that in mind, I must now kick start my own get healthy regime.
I’ve already upped my exercise because my foot is better than it has been for a couple of years.
It still hurts at times but I can at least get out walking again.
My main meals are healthy so all I really nee to do now to actually start losing weight is to stop the savoury snacks and most of all the beer!!
I have half a dozen or so cans left in the fridge and when they’ve gone, that’s it, no more.
From this weekend I will be dragging Marjorie off that sofa kicking and screaming and going for nice long brisk walks.

She’s going to hate me.

Right, time to log off or I’m going to be late.

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