General diary entries


Well I’ve really let myself down with my blogging this week.
It’s been a bit of a long week really.
Nothing much to blog about until the weekend.

We went to our old neighbour’s last night for a bit of a knees up.
It was a lovely madcap evening. I’m just sorry I couldn’t stay a bit longer.
I was flagging, I can’t do the late nights like I used to.
Marjorie was ready for bed and I wanted to get home to check on Ian who hasn’t been particularly well and fighting a case of Gastroenteritis I think.
Murron though, could have partied longer and If we still lived next door I would have let her stay!!

Anyway, today I went shopping with Mum and two of the kids to get school uniforms and stationery.
I hate shopping with the kids at the best of times and shopping for clothes they don’t actually want is the worst!!
It went surprisingly well however and I was home in plenty of time to cook a chicken roast dinner for me and Marjorie.
Then we sat down and demolished a home made chocolate cheesecake while we watched Braveheart!!
Marjorie was suitably impressed.

Now I’m going to settle down with Shaun of the Dead and ready myself for another night on the sofa.
Trying to steer clear of Ian’s bug!
I have another long week ahead but a night out with the girls from work at the end of it!!
Then next weekend I am just going to chill in my garden or watch a few movies.

Oh what an exciting life I lead!

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