General diary entries


We had a lovely afternoon yesterday.
We decided to BBQ and my Mum and Dad came along as did my Brother with one of his kids and his new girlfriend Louise with her kid Lewis.
We had a lovely afternoon and finished it off by embarrassing my brother showing Louise his attempt at the ‘Time Warp’ at our wedding reception 19 years ago!!

Anyway, I had way too much wine.
I don’t normally drink wine but it was going down very well yesterday!!
Unfortunately I didn’t sleep well because of it so today has been a very lazy day.
The most I have done is sort the washing into piles and get it through the machine one pile at a time.

Not really in the mood to do anything today.
Work is looming far too quickly.
I always hate the last day of annual leave, especially when the kids are also on school hols.
I feel like I’m abandoning them.
I’m back at work tomorrow and  I haven’t been there since some big changes took place.
‘Could’ be exciting.

Right, a few more chapters of ‘Cross Stitch’ I think before dinner.
Looking forward to seeing ‘James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser’ on the small screen next year!!

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