General diary entries


Well yesterday we spent a few hours at Stanwick Lakes.
Beautiful place and now that we know what’s there we can go better prepared for next time.
The only problem was that after half an hour of walking Ian was in so much pain it really put a dampener on things.
Murron wasn’t particularly in the right frame of mind to spend the day with Mum and Dad either!
However, Dharma and Marjorie really enjoyed themselves as did I.
In fact i enjoyed myself a little too much I think.
I did some serious walking, climbed over a few rope bridges and even did a little bit of jogging!!
When we got home I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening in the the garden, digging and planting.

Today I’m in pain.
I’m really paying for it.
I can’t let it get me down though. I am walking better than I have done for years and I need to keep the exercise up if I’m going to lose any weight.
Trouble is, I won’t lose any weight if I don’t stop drinking the beer and eating the crisps but as I’m on annual leave I have no intention of giving any of that up until I go back to work.
Then I have to get serious about a few things.
Weight being number one on the list, and not just for me either.

I think a good half of Ian’s problems are now being caused by his weight.
He has psoriatic arthritis and that isn’t going to change.
It can be helped though by being a sensible weight which he isn’t.
I’m going to have to put my foot down with him and he’s not going to like it.


Right, time to get stuck into some more gardening.
It never ends!!

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