General diary entries


I have been waiting for a film.
I have been waiting since 2012 for this film.
It was cast back in 2011 and was wrapped the same year. I had hoped it would have a summer release in 2012.
However, there has been lots of hoo haaing over the release for some reason.
The film was sold at one stage and we finally thought it had landed in safe hands at Warner Brothers.
After a couple of tentative release dates we were told it would be released at the end of this year.

Great, or so I thought.

Things went a bit quiet.
No more trailers, no clips, not interviews, no sign of a build up like you would expect with a movie.
Turns out it is now in the hands of Universal.
They have just officially announced the release date as 29th August…… 21014!!!

That’s just not fair.

At least one of the main stars is now picking up a lot of momentum around his career.
That will hopefully help the film do really well.

That star, as if I really needed to tell you, is Karl Urban.
I am dying to see this film.
I’ve seen him do comedy and romance.
He’s awesome at action movies.
He’s dabbled in horror.
One thing I haven’t seen him do is play a real shit and in this film he looks like he’s playing a really slimy one.
Check out this trailer!!

I have been champing at the bit to see this film and now I have to wait another year!!
Life can be so cruel sometimes.

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