General diary entries


It’s wet.
Very wet in fact.
So no gardening today then.

The house is pretty tidy.
The washing is done. I don’t have to worry about ironing it as Mum said she’ll pop in and do it for me. Brilliant!

So, what to do?

Dharma is staying round a friends house tonight. No doubt she’ll be out playing most of the day too.
Marjorie stayed with my Mum last night and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wangles another night there.
Ian is working tonight so that leaves just me and Murron.
I see a movie night ahead.

As for the rest of the day?
I think I’ll get stuck into my Outlander books.
They’ve really been wiggling their way into my head after I found out they were making it to the small screen.
Now I can actually put a face to one of the characters it makes for some very interesting dreams!!

Dinner today should, according to the weekly menu, be omellettes….. but I actually fancy a Spag Bol for a change.
I just need to pop over the road to get some tinned toms otherwise I have everything I need to make it.
Better go and get some mince out of the freezer before I forget.

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