General diary entries


I was up with the birds this morning.
I’d even showered and got dressed before I came down for a coffee.
My plan was to do spend the day in the garden but while I was drinking I heard the ominous pitter patter of rain on the windows.
Looks like it was just a quick shower and the forecast for the area is actually pretty good and thankfully a bit cooler than yesterday.
So I will have another cup of coffee to set myself up for the day and then hopefully get started.

This has given me a little time to play on the computer and I have just noticed that I haven’t posted a ‘Dish of the Week’ since May 11th!!

The trouble is, I’ve just sat here for ten minutes having a think about who I haven’t added to my list of dishes yet and I only have one face going through my head.
Karl Urban!
Karl Urban!

Karl BLOODY Urban!!

He can’t go on the list. He’s already been on it three times!!

I have never been so obsessed with a person before in my entire life!
It’s rediculous.
I can’t explain it.
I had seen him in Xena Warrior Princess in his early acting days….. nothing.
I had seen him in Lord of the Rings and although I liked Eomer……. still nothing.
I had even seen him in Star Trek, the first reboot movie……. nothing.
Then along came Dredd, a film where he has a helmet on throughout the entire movie and….. POW!
I got well and truly socked along the jawline.
I have been totally obsessed ever since.
If I was still a teenager my room would be plastered from floor to ceiling in pictures and I haven’t done that since Adam and the Ants back in the 80’s
Could it be a mid life crisis?

It’s not just his looks either.
He’s a loving family man but most importantly he’s is one of the worlds biggest Dorks and I mean that in a nice way.
He’s a sci-fi nut and he’s not afraid to show it.
He loves to have fun.
He loves conventions, not just to attend as a guest but he gets a real kick out of attending them as an attendee.
Oh yes, he’s a surfer too.
One of his sons is even called Indiana. Yep! after Indiana Jones.
I love the man to bits.

So this is not a Dish of the Week.
It’s just a bit of a gush.
I’m still thinking about a Dish of the Week.

Still thinking……

Still thinking…..

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