Dish of the Weeks


I did it.
I finally thought of someone to make it onto the list.
This is a biggee….. Literally.

Dish of the Week number 45 is Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson 02


One sculpted thing of beauty.
This man knows how to take care of himself.
He is tall, he is well built but not grossly big and he has a fabulous smile.

Dwayne Johnson 01

I had an encounter with him a few years back when I was still selling artwork at conventions.
We were at one of the hotels down in London near an airport.
It was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer convention.
However, the WWF wrestling team had just flown in for a show at Wembley and had taken over the bar in the hotel.
The bar had been shut off to everyone else.
In the mean time their fans had taken root in the reception area.
After a couple of hours I decided it was time for a drink and went to see if the bar had opened up again but to do this I had to fight my way through the crowd in the reception area.
I finally made it to the corridor that lead off towards the bar and as I turned the corner I ploughed straight into a 6’3″ brick wall!!
I stepped back a little startled and apologised only to realise I had just crashed into Dwayne Johnson!!
I was then completely blinded by all the cameras going off in the reception area.
So I apologise now to all the people who got a shot of me looking very startled with Dwayne Johnson!!

Anyway, forget about the wrestling. I’m not into that at all.
However, I haved like a few of his movies.
Strangely enough my favourite has got to be Tooth Fairy!
He has a naturally comical side and the sight of him in a pink tutu was just tu tu much!!

Dwayne Johnson Tooth Fairy 2

Dwayne Johnson Tooth Fairy 1

He has also been in a movie with…….. Karl Urban!!

Dwayne Johnson + Karl Urban

Yep! Karl has even made it into this Dish of the Week post.
It was a film based on a video game called Doom.
Not an Oscar winner and I have to say, Karl actually kicked Dwayne’s Ass in this one too!

Dwayne Johnson Doom

There you have it.
Dwayne Johnson. Dish of the Week number 45.

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  1. Dwayne Johnson is truly a rare example of immaculate beauty. I am not into wrestling, or big muscles, or tattoos. But, I can think of only two words when he comes to mind: HOLY and MOLY! And apparently he is a really good person.
    Like your witting. Some cool opinions on here. Thanks for sharing:)

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