Month: August 2013


It’s been a pretty hit and miss affair with my blogging this month.
It’s been a boring month all round though so not a lot to blog about.

This kids have kept themselves to themselves.
I have hardly seen Murron for the last five weeks as she exercises her freedom to the limit these days.
She’d better make the most of this weekend because it’s back to school on thursday and she’s going into her GCSE year.
She is fully aware of her boundaries for the next year but when the reality hits I thnk she may argue. We’ll see.

Marjorie has pretty much parked her bum on the sofa or on her bed and watched TV and played video games for the whole holiday.
Her friends have manged to drag her out a couple of times but that’s about it.

Dharma has practically moved in with Nan over the last five weeks. She’s pottered around with a few friends and has occasionally looked after baby annabelle in her own little PICU unit in her bedroom. Poor baby Annabelle is still intubated and has had a few operations. Unfortunately she shows no signs of improvement. lol
Either she is going to be a Dr or we are harbouring a serial killer!!

Anyway, me and Ian have just worked… and worked.
Even on the couple of weeks annual leave I did nothing but work around the house and garden.
We have really got to get away for a family break next year.

We’ve had a few family trips to the cinema and I’ve had a couple of nights out with the girls from work but life just seems to be a bit stagnent at the moment.
It’s time for a change.
With that in mind I have decided to look into some training at work.
It occurred to me that although I was lucky enough to get my job with no official qualifications, I have been there for over 5 years and they will all have been for nothing if I don’t get some sort of formal qualification to back them up. You never know what the future will bring and it’s best to be prepared.
I also need to look at my health.
I really need to give up drinking the beer and eating the crisps.
I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve blogged that over the last couple of years and now that I’m walking again, I really have no excuse.
If I start to lose the weight then maybe Ian will follow suit.
I may also be able to drag Marjorie off the sofa and get her a little fitter too.

It is a lovely sunny day today.
There’s not a cloud in the sky.
Think I may spend the weekend in the gardens.
They’re not too bad at the moment but another few rainy days and there’s going to be a lovely jungle taking shape.
I need to keep on top of it now and it will make things easier to keep tidy before Winter sets in.

I just need to keep in mind that STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is out on Bluray on monday!!!
Trip to Tesco after work I think!!


It’s been a good weekend.
I started it on Friday by doing a very short shift of just 4 hours and then I came home and paid all the bills because it was payday.
I did a bit of a top up shop and got the meat from the butcher for the month.
Easy come, easy go.
It’s going to be a really tight month but I managed to scrape together enough money to enjoy a night out with the girls from work on Friday night.
I enjoyed our party room at the Embankment. Had a few beers, lots of conversation, a good catch up with few people and lots of laughs.
I got talked into going onto the next port of call but that was just too noisy and I couldn’t hear myself think.
I made a quick exit with another like minded co-worker and left the partying to the younger generation.
That makes me sound really old!!

Saturday was monsoon day.
I woke up at around 05:30 to rain. REALLY heavy rain.
I can’t remember the last time it rained that hard for so long.
The rest of the day was quite damp but we had a couple of old friends over for a few drinks and movies.
They brought Lesbian Vampire Killers with them and that was actually quite funny. Not something I would watch again but OK the first time around.
Then we trawled through Netflix and picked out two of the worst movies in history.
Howard The Duck and Planet Terror.
We didn’t make it through either of them.
Words cannot express just how bad they were.

Today I am chilling.
Drinking a few more beers and watching a few more movies.
I am currently half way through The Chronicles of Riddick.
Yes, it’s a Karl urban movie and I have to admit that his character of Lord Vaako is probably one of the sexiest. I just loved his look in it.


Don’t know what’s next on the list.
I may actually watch Star Trek and then look forward to the realease of Star Trek Into Darkness on Bluray a week tomorrow.
Lucky me, I saved enough money from Friday night to be able to buy a copy!! Can’t wait.


Off to work again in 10 minutes.
Another day, another Dollar (Pound to be correct)

It’s payday on Friday this week. It’s early because of the bank holiday.
Not that it make much of a difference.
Once all the bills are paid and future bills are covered there’s nothing left to do anything with.
It gets a bit depressing after a while.
At least I can say we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.
We may be wearing rags and have holes in our shoes but we’re still here.
Underwater and breathing through a straw but we’re still here.

We won the lottery last night.
A whopping £2.70. Yay.
Our luck has got to change.
Ian can’t keep doing shift work for much longer. 30 years is enough and it’s now impacting his health.
I just want to be a stay home Mum (and future Grand Mum)
Unfortunately things keep conspiring against us and the cost of living just keeps going up.

Anyway, now that I’ve thoroughly depressed myself, I’d better drag my backside to work.


I have 5 minutes before I’m off to work so just enough time for a quick blog.
Not a lot going on, so not a lot to tell.

After a week of feeling crap and a weekend of feeling complete shit, Ian has turned a corner.
He was a lot more like himself last night and actually ventured downstairs to watch a film with us.
He’s not back at work now until next week so he has a lot of relaxing to do.

Dharma did the first half of her cycling proficiency yesterday and she has the second half today.
She had lots of fun and will hopefully get a certificate today.

Murron is just whiling away her holiday with her friends in town.

Marjorie is Marjorie.
I swear she was a Panda in a previous life.
She eats and sleeps and curls up on the sofa.
She has no get up and go at the moment.
I think the time she spent in a spika as a baby and a toddler have squashed her sense of adventure.
The added recent problem with her foot has not helped at all.
I really must do something to drag her off that sofa.

With that in mind, I must now kick start my own get healthy regime.
I’ve already upped my exercise because my foot is better than it has been for a couple of years.
It still hurts at times but I can at least get out walking again.
My main meals are healthy so all I really nee to do now to actually start losing weight is to stop the savoury snacks and most of all the beer!!
I have half a dozen or so cans left in the fridge and when they’ve gone, that’s it, no more.
From this weekend I will be dragging Marjorie off that sofa kicking and screaming and going for nice long brisk walks.

She’s going to hate me.

Right, time to log off or I’m going to be late.


Well I’ve really let myself down with my blogging this week.
It’s been a bit of a long week really.
Nothing much to blog about until the weekend.

We went to our old neighbour’s last night for a bit of a knees up.
It was a lovely madcap evening. I’m just sorry I couldn’t stay a bit longer.
I was flagging, I can’t do the late nights like I used to.
Marjorie was ready for bed and I wanted to get home to check on Ian who hasn’t been particularly well and fighting a case of Gastroenteritis I think.
Murron though, could have partied longer and If we still lived next door I would have let her stay!!

Anyway, today I went shopping with Mum and two of the kids to get school uniforms and stationery.
I hate shopping with the kids at the best of times and shopping for clothes they don’t actually want is the worst!!
It went surprisingly well however and I was home in plenty of time to cook a chicken roast dinner for me and Marjorie.
Then we sat down and demolished a home made chocolate cheesecake while we watched Braveheart!!
Marjorie was suitably impressed.

Now I’m going to settle down with Shaun of the Dead and ready myself for another night on the sofa.
Trying to steer clear of Ian’s bug!
I have another long week ahead but a night out with the girls from work at the end of it!!
Then next weekend I am just going to chill in my garden or watch a few movies.

Oh what an exciting life I lead!


After the success of Man of Steel it has been announced that a long awaited fan wish is being fulfilled with a Superman vs Batman movie in 2015.

Henry Cavill will of course be reprising his well earned role as Superman but after Christian Bale gave up his role as Batman when his trilogy had finished, fans where left to wonder who would be re-cast in the role.

Today I have found out that Bale is rumoured to have been offered 32 million pounds to reprise the role he made his own!!!
I think he would be stupid to turn that down.

Anyway, if he doesn’t bite their hands off I know who would be a perfect Batman….. Karl Urban!

Frighteningly though, another name that has been thrown into the mix is Orlando Bloom.
God I hope not.
I couldn’t think of anyone worse!


We had a lovely afternoon yesterday.
We decided to BBQ and my Mum and Dad came along as did my Brother with one of his kids and his new girlfriend Louise with her kid Lewis.
We had a lovely afternoon and finished it off by embarrassing my brother showing Louise his attempt at the ‘Time Warp’ at our wedding reception 19 years ago!!

Anyway, I had way too much wine.
I don’t normally drink wine but it was going down very well yesterday!!
Unfortunately I didn’t sleep well because of it so today has been a very lazy day.
The most I have done is sort the washing into piles and get it through the machine one pile at a time.

Not really in the mood to do anything today.
Work is looming far too quickly.
I always hate the last day of annual leave, especially when the kids are also on school hols.
I feel like I’m abandoning them.
I’m back at work tomorrow and  I haven’t been there since some big changes took place.
‘Could’ be exciting.

Right, a few more chapters of ‘Cross Stitch’ I think before dinner.
Looking forward to seeing ‘James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser’ on the small screen next year!!