General diary entries


Ian disappeared up to York early this morning. He’ll be back at some point tomorrow.

Dharma has been staying round Nan’s since they broke up from school but she popped in for a visit today.
As the weather was not good enough for gardening we sat and watched a couple of chick flicks.
One Fine Day and Return to Me.

Murron wne tinto town with Nan and got spoilt with some new trainers and I haven’t seen her since.
She’s just phoned to say she’s on her way home…. with a friend in tow for the night.

Marjorie has kept herself to herself for the day.
Didn’t know she was here most of the time. Only really saw her when there was food on the go!

I have felt really tired today.
Don’t know why. I haven’t been doing anything.
My foot was pretty sore today as well.

Going to actually get up fairly early tomorrow and try to get going a bit more.
I have to go into town with Mum to help her choose some new glasses.
Then I need to pop to Tesco for some stir fry for dinner.
Then I have to get Murron to the hospital for an MRI of her head at 6pm.
There’s a brain in there somewhere!!!

So it’s been a pretty dull day today.
I had hoped to spend the first half of my annual leave pottering around in the garden but the weather has been diabolical and it’s just too wet to do anything with.
Hopefully on Thursday though.

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