General diary entries


First two days of my annual leave and so far so good.

Spent most of Saturday stocking up the house for the month after Payday and then went round our old neighbour’s house for a little BBQ.
That was where I left the hubby and kids because I had double booked myself for the evening.
I went out with the girls from work to say goodbye to Ruth who has arrived at a point in her career where she needs to move on.
Gonna miss her!
It was a really good evening but when the Smurfs turned up I knew it was time to leave!!
Long story cut short ….. stag night.

Anyway, today we spent the morning watching G.I Joe: Retaliation. Disappointed that Channing Tatum wasn’t in it for very long but very happy that Dwayne Johnson took over the lead.
We had a visit from some old friends for a catch up this afternoon and then had a late dinner of spatchcock chicken in a sticky bourbon sauce with lashings of crispy salad. YUM!
After dinner I sat and watched Forest Gump with the kids.
Marjorie has never seen it and never gets the references that keep getting thrown at her from me and her Dad.
I haven’t seen it in ages and I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did Marjorie.

Anyway, tomorrow I have an early appointment with Occupational Health.
Hopefully they will be happy to sign me off now.
I have been ready, I think, for the last week.
I am totally itching to get back to my Clinical role on the ward but things are going to be very different when I get back for a while.

If the weather holds overnight and the sun is out tomorrow, I plan to get some tidying up done in the gardens.
Going to take my time and enjoy it.
Why is it that chores never seem to be chores when you are on annual leave?

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