General diary entries


I can’t believe I’ve missed two days of blogging!

Not much to say really.
Spent the last week working.
Spent the last week sleeping.
Not a lot in between.

The kids finished school for the summer on Wednesday. Torture!!
Not just for me but for them as well. They get so bored.

Tomorrow I plan to do a HUGE shop for the freezer and cupboards for the month and then I am going to chill.
BBQing at our old neighbours for tea and then I’m off out for a few drinks with the girls from work to say goodbye to Ruth who is sadly leaving us.

I have the next two weeks off work.
I plan to clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom.
Tackle a little tidy up in the front and back gardens and then…. hopefully….. I can spend some time topping up my tan and catching up on my books.

My foot has been surprisingly good over the last two weeks.
I think maybe I could have actually done my Clinical Support work over the last week but hey! I managed to get a lot done anyway helping the clerks.
I still take the odd painkiller and now I’m on annual leave I’m going to try and make do with just Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. See how it goes.

That’s it.
Got a mega shopping list to prepare.

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