General diary entries


Ok, I have an unexpected day off today….. long story.
So what to do?

It’s payday on Friday so I could do an inventory of freezer and cupboard stock and make a shopping list ready for Saturday.
I’m defintely working the next three days so I am going to prepare as much as I can today to minimise what I need to do on Saturday.

So that’s my morning sorted.

Me and Ian are thinking about a trip to the cinema this evening.
We want to see ‘The World’s End’
We both loved Shawn of the Dead and  Hot Fuzz and just hope this is as funny, if not funnier!!
The only problem is that it will mean Murron will be in tow because she loves them too and will never forgive us if we see it without her.
Unfortunately, Marjorie and Dharma aren’t old enough so they will have to wait until it comes out on Bluray.

My second pair of trousers arrived from Ebay today.
Remember the ones I shortened before and then when I washed them they shrank?!
Anyway, I’m a bit miffed because these ones were already the correct length!! The perils of buying without trying.
So they are currently in the wash. 10 degrees cooler than the wash label recommends.
We’ll just have to see.

I’m soo hot!!
I’ve just realised my downstairs windows are still shut. DOH!

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