General diary entries


I actually slept half the morning for a change.
I suppose six days in a row at work will do that.

Apart from a quick trip to Tesco I did absolutely nothing today.

I did watch a movie a little while ago.
I’ve seen it before and it had the same affect on me again today.
The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud.
The moment he makes the decision not to meet his little brother at sunset and his little brother sits in the clearing and cries just does me in!!
Zaf Efron is just a bonus!

Even the dinner was quick and easy.
I cooked off some chicken breasts and dumped it on a load of mixed salad and croutons.
Even Dharma ate it which is a miracle!!

I’m finishing off the night by reading a few more chapters of Cross Stitch by Diana Gabalden.
It’s from her ‘Outlander’ series of books and I am soooo looking forward to see how it will adapt to the small screen.
I’m really hoping it’s going to be a satisfactory replacement to The Tudors!!

Better not leave it too late tonight.
I’ve got 5 straight shifts from tomorrow and it’s my first full time week since I had my surgery at the end of March.
It’s going to be a tough week but I have two weeks off at the end of it.

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