General diary entries


I’ve been getting a little lax with my posts recently.
Not a lot to blog about being the main reason.

Anyway, I’m into my 5th 6 hour shift in a row today.
My foot was a little sore this morning but the painkillers have worked a treat.
I have the weekend off to recover and I plan to potter around the garden and drink a few beers and generally enjoy the sun.

I have one more week of clerking.
It’s going to be a bit of a test.
It’s my first full time week since my surgery and is five 8 hour shifts in a row.
I’m hoping it’s going to go well and that I won’t be hitting the painkillers too much.
I actually have two weeks of annual leave after that to get some strengthening exercises going to start to toughen up the ankle.
After that I will be back to my actual role of Clinical Support.
It will be short shifts for a while until I feel my foot is strong enough for long days again.

I have decided that my annual leave is the perfect time to start my diet and exercise plan.
It’s quite simple.
I will be limiting (not giving up) my beer intake.
I will be giving up the crisps.
I will be starting my walks around the Marina again.
I will be watching the calories and keeping a food diary.

I did this about 7 years ago and lost 3 stone in 3 months.
After the kids broke up for the Summer hols my regime took a dive because I could never get out and about on my own to do the exercising.
My will power gave up on me and I stopped losing weight.
With my foot problems over the last couple of years, I’ve put all that weight back on.
As the weight is part of the problem now it’s a bit of a vicious circle.
So, time to lose the weight and try to avoid the problem recurring.

Right, time to tidy up and sit in the garden with a book for a bit until it’s time for work this afternoon.

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