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I was having a clear up of old files on my computer this morning and I came across an old shopping list.
I say old, but is was only about 2 – 3 years old.
It was during my last attempt to do a monthly shop to try and keep our costs down.
I had a weekly menu to work from, I worked out how much of everything I needed each month and I got everything I could in one big shop.
So the list I found had everything for the cupboard and the freezer and included cleaning and bathroom items.
It did not have the ‘fresh’ stuff like bread and veg.
It quite clearly stated at the top that this shop averages £290 depending on offers at the time.

I was intrigued and decided to put together the very same shopping on the Tesco website to see how much it had changed.
I knew it was going to be more expensive but I had no idea just how much more.
In fact I was gobsmacked.

The same shop done now would cost around £390!!
£100 more than it cost us just two years ago.

This is now our reality.
After Ian’s job market crashed back in 2000 he has slowly been working his way back up the pay scale.
He has just about reached what he was earning 20 years ago, only now he has a wife and three kids to support.
The rent has recently had to go up by £300 per month and the kids are just getting more and more expensive because they won’t stop growing and eating!!

So we are now £400 per month worse off.
Everything is going up except the wages.

Things are so tight at the end of the month that we are lucky if we can afford a couple of cinema trips.
We certainly can’t save for a family holiday.

Very Depressing!!

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