General diary entries


Yet another great start to the day.

I recently bought a pair of wide leg linen trousers off of Ebay.
They were the same style as some I already have and love and as they are so comfortable in the hot weather I decided to buy them.
When they arrived they fitted perfectly but were about 4 inches too long so I set about shortening them and cutting off the excess.
Perfectly shortened to just brush the floor in sandals!

I’ve been wearing them the last couple of days and loved them.
They were lovely and cool at work yesterday so I wanted to wear them again today.
I popped them into the wash last night and ironed them about half an hour ago.

I’ve just put them on and………

They’ve shrunk by about 4 bloody inches!!!

I didn’t want another pair of crops.
Suppose I should have washed them before I shortened them.
That’ll teach me!!

Categories: General diary entries

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