General diary entries


Last night, after Marjorie and Ian had a fairly long wait after being triaged, when they finally got sent through to X-ray things moved very fast.
Unfortuantely, we are still a little confused and a bit worried.

The Dr stated that there wasn’t a fracture but he’s still made and appointment for Marjorie to attend Fracture Clinic on Tuesday!
If there isn’t a fracture, why the need to attend the clinic?!!
It’s really puzzling.

I have no idea how Marjorie is today as she’s still in bed.
If she still can’t walk her chances of getting to school on Monday are zero.
With all the time she has for ortho appointments in Stanmore I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a letter home about her being added to the Education Welfare hitlist like Murron has been.
It’s just not fair.
It makes me feel like a useless Mum for taking them out of school for legitimate appointments!!
To have to then ‘prove’ we actually have appointments each time is just degrading.

Tuesday should be interesting.
I have to attend a drop in Physio session at 8am, hope I’m seen in time to get home, collect Marjorie and head off for her clinic appointment at the hospital at 11, hope she’s seen in time for me to get her home and then head back to the hospital for work at 2!!

As if I haven’t got enough to worry about at the moment.

Right, I am determined to enjoy today.
It’s warm but the sun has yet to break through the early morning cloud.
Dad wants me to take him up to the golf club at lunchtime. It’s going to wipe him out for the afternoon but I think he just needs a change of scenery for an hour.
Then I am simply going to put my feet up and try not to worry about tomorrow.
Yet another worry but one I can’t say anything about.

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