General diary entries


I really don’t believe it.
Marjorie is on her way to A+E with Ian.
She’s done exactly what Dharma did a couple of weeks ago and rolled over on her right ankle and now can’t stand on it!
The worrying thing is that it’s on the foot she already has freiburg’s disease in!

I really feel for Ian.
He’s currently in a lot of pain because of his Psoriatic Arthritis and the chairs in A+E are no good for him.
Hope he doesn’t have a long wait. He’s going to suffer tomorrow.
I would have taken her but we made the most of the sunshine this afternoon and BBQ’d.
I’ve had a few drinks. Fortunately Ian can’t drink because of all his medications so he has the task of taking her tonight.

It’s actually been a lovely day up to now.
I took Mum shopping this morning because Dad can’t take her at the moment.
Then I prepared the mammoth BBQ and sat all afternoon in the sun.

Took a few worries away for a while.
Now they are back in full force as I sit here waiting for news about Marjorie.
Oh well. That’s life!

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