General diary entries


The Government do gooders strike again.
Apparantly my kids aren’t eating healthily enough!

Don’t they think I already know this?

Banning packed lunches at school will not be the answer and will just make people angry and even more skint than they already are.
I’ve just worked it out.
My kids have packups Mon-Thurs and they have school dinners on Friday (more about that one later!!)
I currently spend just £10 a week on packups and £7.50 on the Friday school meals.
£17.50 a week and £70 a month.
If the government bans packups I will be forking out a wopping £37.50 a week and £150 a month!!

Exactly where do they think this extra cash is coming from?
I refuse to give up what precious little money we have left after payday.
It’s not much, but it allows us the odd trip to the cinema or day out with the kids.

Add to that the fact that I know Murron doesn’t eat at school.
The only one of the kids who eats their school dinner on a Friday is Dharma but that won’t last after she moves up to upper school with her sisters in two weeks.
The Upper school has a canteen type set up and not set meals. The kids can buy as much or as little as they want.
The policy is a maximum of £2.50 but I know full well that aside from maybe a bottle of water they don’t get anything ‘healthy’ to eat.
No, they spend as little as possible and pocket the change to prop up their pocket money on a Saturday.
They won’t admit it but I’m not stupid!
If the government are expecting me to send my kids to school with £2.50 in their pockets every day they can get stuffed!
My kids get their pocket money on a Saturday and if this happens I guarantee that they will be pocketing another £10 a week that cunningly isn’t spent on school dinners.

I’m just so fed up with every government decison lately.
It always costs me money.
If they get their 10% payrise when the rest of us barely get 1% then I think there could be some protests ahead.
Don’t get me wrong, I know they do a difficult job but work hard? I don’t think so.
Yes they have a tough job but they also travel a lot, have meetings and dinners and front row seats at events that the rest of us can only dream about and a shut down of parliament over the summer so they can enjoy their holidays.
There are public sector workers out there, and I am priviledged to know some, Policemen, Firemen, Teachers and Health Care professionals and they all work a damned site harder. They work long hours, unsociable hours, 24/7,  365 days a year and they are lucky if they earn a third of what an MP does. Where’s their 10% pay rise?
An extra 10% in my pay cheque each month would be a god send.
The Government will not be doing themselves any favours if they take this 10% raise.

Anyway, I’m rambling now and just making myself angry.
I’m going to take it out on the housework for a couple of hours before I have to go to work myself.
At least I know my kids will eat healthily tonight, they are at Mum’s for dinner.

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