General diary entries


I’m moping today.

I’ve let things get on top of me recently and now I’ve had enough.
I’m fed up with all the niggly medical problems, especially with the kids.

Dharma has just been diagnosed with hyper mobility so she is dealing with regular backpain and joint pain at just 11 years old.
Her nose bleeds have also just started again after over a year of being clear after some cauterization at the hospital.

Marjorie has ongoing orthopeadic problems.
The one that’s giving us most trouble at the moment is the Freiburg’s disease in her right foot.
It’s seriously impacting the career path she wants to take and apart from regular follow ups and orthotics down at Stanmore there’s nothing happening about fixing the situation.
She’s also still under a consultant about her hip displasure she had as a baby but we are hoping she will soon be signed off of that one.

Murron is currently under investigations for her dizzy spells and headaches and we are waiting on an MRI appointment and then another follow up.
With all the time off she has had recently she is now on the Education Welfare Officers radar. Yet another thing to worry about.
I have to provide ‘proof’ of all hospital appointments and if she is off school sick I also have to get a Dr’s note.

Ian is in constant pain because of his Psoriatic arthritis and the condition will only get worse with time.
He’s already had a shoulder surgery and several sets of facet joint injections.

My Dad has just had his right hip replaced.
After a really rough first two days he’s actually leaving hospital this afternoon.

And me?
I’m still recovering from the surgery I had on my foot nearly 4 months ago.
It’s taken a lot longer to get back to some normality than I thought it would. I’m seeing physios next week.
There’s no guarnatee that the same thing won’t happen on my right foot or even re-occur in my left foot.
Chances are, because my dad has now had hip problems and his sister has also had both hips replaced, there’s a good chance that could be in my future too!

All of that coupled with a few other recent issues have left me feeling just a bit depressed and teary today.

It’s time to re-evaluate things.
My family is always going to come first wherever possible but at the moment I can’t see any way to change things.

So I apologise now if I seem down and not my normal sparkly self.
I’ve just had enough.
If I win the lottery tonight my problems will be solved.

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