General diary entries


I was woken up at 5 this morning by a pair of morons outside the house chatting and laughing as if they were sat in a pub garden.
One had obviously pulled up to pick the other one up but instead of just driving off they had a 15 minute conversation that was so loud it woke the dawn chorus.

So I was downstairs and having a cuppa by 07:30

At around 08:30 I gave Dad a quick call to see how he was doing.
Unfortunately after coming back from theatre absolutely fine yesterday, he had a really rough night.
He’s feeling really rough and down this morning.
I’ve phoned the ward and they have assured me that he’s drousy and feeling rough because of the Morphine.
To be honest, that’s what I thought, I just needed to hear it from his nurse.

Anyway, Mum is now in full on panic mode.
I don’t think she’ll be happy until she sees him on his feet again.

So, today I will be picking Mum up at around 12:30
We are going into town to get Dad some new ‘short’ PJ’s because he said the ward is too hot which is probably not helping him feel any better.
Visiting is from around 2pm.
We’ll go up for a bit and then it’s home to BBQ with the kids.

If it wasn’t for Dad being in hospital it would have been a great weekend.

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