General diary entries


I’m up.
Haven’t seen 6 in the morning since before my surgery.
At least I know I can still do it!

Anyway, I’m picking Dad up at 7
It will be a miracle if I can get him through the front door.

I’ll stay with him as long as I can.
I’ll grill the nurses a little and the Dr’s if I see them!!
I’ll keep you all posted about how he’s doing.

Later today, I’m actually going to sit and just enjoy my garden for a change.
Apart from keeping the washing machine and tumble drier fed, there’s absolutely nothing else to do.
Hopefully the kids will just disappear out with their mates for the day.
Not sure about Dharma though.
She’s come back from her trip with a ‘really’ sore throat. Might even be tonsillitis.
Oh well, we’ll see.

Oh yes, I’m sending big hugs and kisses to my baby bridesmaid who is actually getting married today.
Not that I’m feeling old at all!

Categories: General diary entries

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