General diary entries


Yep! There it is.
As I said I would yesterday, I have indeed woken up with a BIG black bruise on my thigh.
It’s in just the wrong position, right on the edge of the computer chair when I sit down and it’s sore!!

At least I have a day off today… sort of.
I’ve actually got an appointment with Occupational Health at 10:30.
Shouldn’t take too long though and then if the weather holds off I’m going to attack the hedge in my front garden that seems to think it’s growing in a lush rainforest and is in danger of taking over the whole garden.
You wouldn’t think I’d weeded the garden just a couple of weeks ago.
The little shrubs I’ve planted are lost at the moment. I need to rediscover them.

I’m actually missing my little Dharma now.
I’m missing her charging through the door after school.
I’m missing her moaning about dinner.
I’m not however missing her ‘I’ve asked you something and I want it NOW!!’ attitude and her squabbling with Murron.
We actually got a quick text yesterday to say that all the children on the residential are having an amazing time and were actually spending yesterday afternoon on the beach!
I still can’t wait to see her again tomorrow.

I’m now having good days and bad days with my foot.
I’m still getting lots of swelling but that swelling does go down overnight.
Tuesday at work was really painful and I used my painkillers to the max however, Wednesday was a better day (even after the fall in the shower).
I was uncomfortable but it was tolerable and I wasn’t necking the painkillers like I had done on Tuesday.
It makes me think that I’m just in for a long recovery when it comes to the pain.
I’m still waiting for my Physio referral. I’ll see what they advise.
I’m basically kissing this year goodbye to long days out and about so I’m going to use it to lose a bit of weight, get myself a little fitter and then really enjoy my summer next year!

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