General diary entries


Dare I say it?
Has Summer actually arrived?

It’s 8 in the morning and all of the windows in the house have been thrown open.
It’s going to be another glorious day.

It’s also going to be a quiet one.
Dharma has just been dropped off at school with her suitcase.
She’s on a residential adventure trip this week and won’t be back until Friday.
She’s really excited and she very nearly didn’t make it after we thought she’d broken her foot on Thursday evening.
But she’s there and she looks like she’s going to have some fab weather too.

I’m feeling a bit sorry for Marjorie today.
She is exhausted after getting up at 5 am yesterday to go carbooting with her dad.
Unfortunately now that Dharma is not here, Murron will probably turn her antagonising onto Marjorie tonight.

Anyway, I’ve upped my hours from 16 to 20 this week. So I’m doing 10 – 2 today.
My foot actually looked normal this morning and so far there is very little swelling but I’ve actually got quite a bit of pain.
So I’m upping my Zapain a little before I go to work.
I have a follow up with Occupational Health on Thurs to see how to proceed next.
I will either continue clerking for a while or start back as an HCA.
So, nearly back to normal.

I’m tempted to go and get the BBQ I want from Argos but would that be tempting fate?!!
Anyway, Going to finish my coffee and disappear for work before our rental agents come round for the 6 month inspection!!
I’ll leave that one to Ian.

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