Month: July 2013


Ian disappeared up to York early this morning. He’ll be back at some point tomorrow.

Dharma has been staying round Nan’s since they broke up from school but she popped in for a visit today.
As the weather was not good enough for gardening we sat and watched a couple of chick flicks.
One Fine Day and Return to Me.

Murron wne tinto town with Nan and got spoilt with some new trainers and I haven’t seen her since.
She’s just phoned to say she’s on her way home…. with a friend in tow for the night.

Marjorie has kept herself to herself for the day.
Didn’t know she was here most of the time. Only really saw her when there was food on the go!

I have felt really tired today.
Don’t know why. I haven’t been doing anything.
My foot was pretty sore today as well.

Going to actually get up fairly early tomorrow and try to get going a bit more.
I have to go into town with Mum to help her choose some new glasses.
Then I need to pop to Tesco for some stir fry for dinner.
Then I have to get Murron to the hospital for an MRI of her head at 6pm.
There’s a brain in there somewhere!!!

So it’s been a pretty dull day today.
I had hoped to spend the first half of my annual leave pottering around in the garden but the weather has been diabolical and it’s just too wet to do anything with.
Hopefully on Thursday though.


First two days of my annual leave and so far so good.

Spent most of Saturday stocking up the house for the month after Payday and then went round our old neighbour’s house for a little BBQ.
That was where I left the hubby and kids because I had double booked myself for the evening.
I went out with the girls from work to say goodbye to Ruth who has arrived at a point in her career where she needs to move on.
Gonna miss her!
It was a really good evening but when the Smurfs turned up I knew it was time to leave!!
Long story cut short ….. stag night.

Anyway, today we spent the morning watching G.I Joe: Retaliation. Disappointed that Channing Tatum wasn’t in it for very long but very happy that Dwayne Johnson took over the lead.
We had a visit from some old friends for a catch up this afternoon and then had a late dinner of spatchcock chicken in a sticky bourbon sauce with lashings of crispy salad. YUM!
After dinner I sat and watched Forest Gump with the kids.
Marjorie has never seen it and never gets the references that keep getting thrown at her from me and her Dad.
I haven’t seen it in ages and I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did Marjorie.

Anyway, tomorrow I have an early appointment with Occupational Health.
Hopefully they will be happy to sign me off now.
I have been ready, I think, for the last week.
I am totally itching to get back to my Clinical role on the ward but things are going to be very different when I get back for a while.

If the weather holds overnight and the sun is out tomorrow, I plan to get some tidying up done in the gardens.
Going to take my time and enjoy it.
Why is it that chores never seem to be chores when you are on annual leave?


I can’t believe I’ve missed two days of blogging!

Not much to say really.
Spent the last week working.
Spent the last week sleeping.
Not a lot in between.

The kids finished school for the summer on Wednesday. Torture!!
Not just for me but for them as well. They get so bored.

Tomorrow I plan to do a HUGE shop for the freezer and cupboards for the month and then I am going to chill.
BBQing at our old neighbours for tea and then I’m off out for a few drinks with the girls from work to say goodbye to Ruth who is sadly leaving us.

I have the next two weeks off work.
I plan to clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom.
Tackle a little tidy up in the front and back gardens and then…. hopefully….. I can spend some time topping up my tan and catching up on my books.

My foot has been surprisingly good over the last two weeks.
I think maybe I could have actually done my Clinical Support work over the last week but hey! I managed to get a lot done anyway helping the clerks.
I still take the odd painkiller and now I’m on annual leave I’m going to try and make do with just Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. See how it goes.

That’s it.
Got a mega shopping list to prepare.


Ok, I have an unexpected day off today….. long story.
So what to do?

It’s payday on Friday so I could do an inventory of freezer and cupboard stock and make a shopping list ready for Saturday.
I’m defintely working the next three days so I am going to prepare as much as I can today to minimise what I need to do on Saturday.

So that’s my morning sorted.

Me and Ian are thinking about a trip to the cinema this evening.
We want to see ‘The World’s End’
We both loved Shawn of the Dead and  Hot Fuzz and just hope this is as funny, if not funnier!!
The only problem is that it will mean Murron will be in tow because she loves them too and will never forgive us if we see it without her.
Unfortunately, Marjorie and Dharma aren’t old enough so they will have to wait until it comes out on Bluray.

My second pair of trousers arrived from Ebay today.
Remember the ones I shortened before and then when I washed them they shrank?!
Anyway, I’m a bit miffed because these ones were already the correct length!! The perils of buying without trying.
So they are currently in the wash. 10 degrees cooler than the wash label recommends.
We’ll just have to see.

I’m soo hot!!
I’ve just realised my downstairs windows are still shut. DOH!


Is this how my week is destined to play out?

I was all set for work.
I just needed to dry my hair and have my morning coffee and kick the kids out the door.

I only managed one and a bit.
I dried my hair and got two of the kids out the door.

Dharma however, was still sat on the toilet.
The urge to pee has returned and there’s some discomfort when she is peeing.

Great. Another UTI.
She was panicking because she desperately wants to be at school for her last 3 days before she moves up to a new school.
She also has one of the leads in a play they are doing for parents this morning!

So! My milky coffee never made it out of the microwave.
I grabbed everything I needed and headed off to the local walk in centre.
We were actually seen in record time and I got Dharma into school on time.
Unfortunately I am now waiting for the pharmacy to open at 9 so I can get her antibiotics into school for her to start taking.

I had to wonder why, if the walk in centre opens at 8am, why do the local pharmacies not open until 9?!!

Anyway, it means I am now at home for 5 minutes having the coffee I didn’t manage to get earlier.
I have informed work I will be a bit late.
Thankfully I’m still on phased return so I won’t be missed too much.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be plain sailing!


I actually slept half the morning for a change.
I suppose six days in a row at work will do that.

Apart from a quick trip to Tesco I did absolutely nothing today.

I did watch a movie a little while ago.
I’ve seen it before and it had the same affect on me again today.
The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud.
The moment he makes the decision not to meet his little brother at sunset and his little brother sits in the clearing and cries just does me in!!
Zaf Efron is just a bonus!

Even the dinner was quick and easy.
I cooked off some chicken breasts and dumped it on a load of mixed salad and croutons.
Even Dharma ate it which is a miracle!!

I’m finishing off the night by reading a few more chapters of Cross Stitch by Diana Gabalden.
It’s from her ‘Outlander’ series of books and I am soooo looking forward to see how it will adapt to the small screen.
I’m really hoping it’s going to be a satisfactory replacement to The Tudors!!

Better not leave it too late tonight.
I’ve got 5 straight shifts from tomorrow and it’s my first full time week since I had my surgery at the end of March.
It’s going to be a tough week but I have two weeks off at the end of it.


I’m so excited!!
A few years ago a read four books by a lady called Diana Gabalden.
They have just been picked up for a MAJOR new production.

The following if from the Sky news website……

Around 200 British jobs will be created with the filming of a new American science fiction television series in Scotland.

The US cable network Starz and Sony Pictures Television have chosen the country as the location for Outlander, a new show about a time-travelling couple.

The production will make use of the UK Government’s new tax breaks for high-end television, with Chancellor George Osborne saying he was “delighted” the programme would be filmed in Scotland.

“We want Britain to be the best place in the world to make films and TV”, the Chancellor said.

Outlander is based on a series of novels by Diana Gabaldon which tell the story of Claire and James Fraser, a couple who time travel between 18th and 20th century Scotland.

It will be set in Scotland, with the production company planning to build a new television studio and production base near Glasgow.

It is estimated the series will employ a local crew of around 200, while an estimated 2,400 supporting roles are expected to be cast from within Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Scottish actor Sam Heughan, who studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow and who has starred in the TV show Doctors, has already been cast in the lead role.

The UK Government announced in 2012 that film tax reliefs would be extended to high-end television industries, animation and, subject to state aid approval, video games.

Tax relief for film has already supported more than 1,100 productions between 2007 and 2012.

Mr Osborne said: “I am delighted that Outlander will be filmed in Scotland, and welcome the extra investment that will be made to the Scottish television industry. I hope that this series will make the most of the stunning landscape and the talented actors, crew and facilities that Scotland has to offer.

“This is an exciting development for television in Scotland and shows the clear benefit of the UK’s high-end TV tax credits.”

They’re building their own production studio for it!!
It’s going to be huge.  Sounds like it could be the next ‘Tudors’ type show. They are really throwing some money at it.
I read the first 4 books a few years ago. I’m starting them again and I’ve just picked up the next 4 books!! It’s a great story.

They have cast Sam Heughan in the lead.

Sam Heughan

I’m a little unsure about him.
I pictured someone a little different playing Jamie Fraser but at 6’3 he’s certainly tall enough!!

I have no idea when the show will air but it’s going to be interesting keeping up with developments until it does.