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I’ve just caught the tail end of a kids ‘prank’ programme.
It was a bit like a you’ve been framed kind of thing.
They showed a clip of a boy who looks a bit like Justin Bieber who was staying in the same hotel as Justin Bieber.
He must have been about 5 floors up and there was a crowd of Bieber fans in the street below.
So he started to tease them by waving from the window.
They went crazy.

Anyway, this made the presenters of the show ask, ‘Can we make anyone famous for a day?
So they went onto the street and picked a young good looking lad who must have been about 17 or 18 years old.
They gave him a smart T-shirt, some shades and they greased his hair a bit.
They supplied him with a fake paparazzi, a fake sidekick and threw in a few fake fans to get the ball rolling.
They took him to a shopping area and just let things develop.

It was unbelievable.

After the fake fans started making a fuss, people in the vacinity started getting curious and even though they had no idea who this person was they started asking for autographs and photos.
Within an hour you’d have thought he was ‘A’ list movie star!!

I couldn’t believe the reaction.
How shallow were these people.
Do we really live in a society where celebrity out weighs integrity?

I have lots of experience of meeting famous people through my past hobby of selling artwork at conventions and collector fairs.
There were times, particularly at the bigger collector fairs, when I didn’t know some of the guests.
It didn’t mean that I demeaned myself by grovelling at their feet asking for photos and autographs.
Why would I even want a photo of someone if I hadn’t got a clue who they were!

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