General diary entries


Just as well I checked. I nearly missed my blog for the day.
Not really in the mood for a long one so it’s just going to be a quick run down of my incredibly boring day with an up beat end.

I needed to do a quick Tesco run this morning to get some fresh bits and pieces but apart from that I didn’t go out today.
No, I spent the day clearing up after the rummage for car booty.
Ian and Marjorie are getting up at the crack of dawn to try and make some money for school uniforms, holiday spending money and the rental agency fees for renewing our tenancy….. hopefully.
We are having an inspection on Monday so tomorrow is cleanup day.

I’m a little nervous about the inspection.
Not that we’ve trashed the house!! but there are a couple of things they may bring up like the posters in Murron’s room.
Technically we shouldn’t be using blue tack!!
My argument to that is that this is a family house with three kids in it. 2 of them teenagers. What do they expect?
We are fully prepared to paint if necessary when the time comes to leave.

Anyway, after a late dinner we all sat down to watch a film I picked up in Tesco for just £3!
Me and the kids love it but Ian has never seen it.
This Means War! Starring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon.
I watched it on Demand a while back with Dharma because she’s a bit of a Pine Nut.
I didn’t think I would like it which is why I’ve never watched it but in fact I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It’s hilarious. It’s a chick flick that a guy can watch.
The great thing about the DVD is that it has three alternate endings, one of which is an absolute scream and I am convinced it was filmed specifically for the DVD.

So, now everyone has gone to bed because they are having an early start tomorrow.
I have the living room to myself.
I have nibbles, I have beer, I have the remote!!
Life is good.

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