General diary entries


Well after the fiasco with Dharma and her little trip to A+E last night I’m pooped.
We finally got in at just after 1 in the morning.
Needless to say she’s not at school today but I still have to go to work later today.
Thankfully it’s just a 5 hour shift between 3 and 8.

She had her foot X-ray’d and the Doctor had one last check after that.
He said the X-ray looked ‘OK’
He advised her to keep her foot elevated for a couple of days and if it deteriorates or we are not happy by Sunday then pop her back in for another X-ray.
So her adventure holiday with the school that she is supposed to be going on on Monday for the week is still in the balance.
Thankfully the pain seems to have eased off a little today, so fingers crossed!!

It’s going to be a busy weekend.
I’m not working but Ian wants to do a car boot.
We need to raise a little cash for school uniforms and to put towards the family holiday we want to do next year.
We also have our first inspection from the rental agency on the house so I need to do a top to bottom tidy and clean.
All this while Ian and the kids are raiding things for a car boot.
Might be getting a little stressed I think.

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