General diary entries


After I got home from work yesterday my foot was the size of a football.
By the early evening it was really uncomfortable and quite painful.
Within an hour of getting up this morning it was swelling quite nicely again and now it’s uncomfortable and painful again!!
All I’ve done today is a quick trip to Tesco and a quick walk over the road to the butchers.

I know my surgeon wasn’t worried about the swelling and has discharged me but this swelling is ridiculous!
The capillary refill is currently 5-6 seconds and the skin is so tight that when I point my foot it goes from pink to white.

Anyway, it was payday today.
Easy come, easy go.
At least the bills are paid.

I decided that this month all of our meat would be bought from the butchers so I worked out what we would need, nipped over the road to get it and then bagged it all up for the freezer.
I then went to Tesco to get our seafood and frozen items for the month.
I also got a few other cupboard bits and pieces for the month.
All I have to think about now is the fresh items like salad and veggies and bread and milk over the month.

I think it will be an early night tonight with my foot well raised.
Not happy.

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