General diary entries


Well after seeing my surgeon today I am not quite so worried anymore.
He has in fact discharged me!!

He’s not worried about the swelling.
There’s no swelling in the calve muscle so he’s not worried about a clot and there’s no sign of infection around the scar site so he’s not worried about the possibility of swelling due to infection.
He’s very happy that I can go up on my toes and role back on my heels and I have no problems driving.
He actually said that only three months post surgery I’m doing exceptionally well.
He feels I may benefit from some hydrotherapy so I have been referred to the physios.
He’s said that if they have any concerns they will just refer me back to him and that I am also free to contact him via his secretary if I have any further problems otherwise the discomfort and swelling that I now have will eventually subside.
I just need to be patient.

So, I just need to keep up with what I’m doing and slowly work my way back to full time as a Health Care Assistant.

Dharma came home from school incredibly excited.
She spent the morning at Mark Rutherford Upper school where she will be going in September.
She was introduced to her form class and shown around the school and can’t wait to get back there to do it all again tomorrow.
I think she’s going to thrive when she moves up.
I certainly hope so. She’s still determined to be a Doctor!!

Marjorie had a visit from some people talking about careers in the RAF the other day and it re-ignited an interest in Marjorie that I thought had gone.
She has decided to give Air Cadets a go and we got a call from the local leader this evening.
She is going to go along with her Dad on July 4th to take a look around and see what they get up to and hopefully join them.
After looking at their website it looks like it could be an amazing opportunity for her and will either get her fired up and in the right direction for a career in the RAF or at the very least, give her some good life experience that she can carry into her future.

Right, I’m doped up to the eyeballs and need to sleep because I have work tomorrow morning.
Night y’all

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