General diary entries


I had a lovely afternoon.
I braved the wind and the threat of rain and visited my dad on the 9th hole at the Golf club.
It was Captains Day today and he’s a past Captain so he was in the hospitality tent on the 9th hole greeting players.
He had Dharma with him already so I popped over with Murron and Marjorie for an hour before heading back to Mum’s for dinner.
It was a lovely lamb roast.
I can’t remember the last time I had lamb because Ian doesn’t like it, so I don’t cook it.

Anyway, it was heading towards 6pm when I headed home.
I was greeted by the most awful smell when I walked through the front door.
The hallway smelt like a rubbish bin.
It took me a while to realise what it was.
I had brought some cooked prawns on Friday to make a prawn mayo topping for my baked potato and without thinking I had thrown the tray with some leftover juices in the bottom of the bin.
With the house locked up and warming up through the day it had fermented quite well while we were out and it stunk!!
I won’t be making that mistake again.

Right, I have a fairly early start for a change tomorrow.
I have to have Dharma at Mark Rutherford School Drama Hall by 08:30 for the first of 2 transfer days this week.
My little baby is no longer a little baby.


She’s come a long way from this first day at school.

The last of my babies is making the move to upper school, albeit 2 years earlier than originally planned.
That’s it then.
All three girls at Rutherford together.
I am feeling just a little sorry for the teachers. They have no idea what they are in for.
They though Murron was outspoken and stubborn.!!! Pwahahaha!!!

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