General diary entries


I don’t know what to do now.

I went to the Borneo meeting last night with Murron.
OMG! What an opportunity for her.
The sticking point of the cost of £3960 was kind of explained.
Parents are NOT expected to pay.
Students ARE expected to fund raise both individually and as a group to fund the trip.
There are 4 payment targets to reach.
1st – Deposit of £396 – This secures the place on the trip.
2nd – £792 – On Sept 1st 2013
3rd – £792 – On November 1st 2013
4th – Final payment of £1980 on 1st May 2014

However, the deposit is due next Weds!! So where do they honestly think that money is likely to come from?

We also have to think about the hidden costs.
She is going to need a passport – £72.50
Realistically Either me or Ian need to get a passport in case of an emergency while she’s there – £72.50
Vaccinations – I’ve just had a quick look on the Boots website and we could be looking at another £300 + depending on what she actually needs.
We may be able to get them cheaper. Need to see the Doctor!!
There is an excess of £50 on the travel insurance. But I’m happy that should anything major happen while she’s out there she’s covered.
Even if she needs to be repatriated the most we will pay is £50.
They’ve told everyone to cap their spending money at £200
Apart from a good quality pair of hiking boots and hiking rucksack she doesn’t need to get any specialist equipment like tents and mosquito nets. So lets say that’s up to another £150
The Certificate of Personal Effectiveness level 3 – If she decides to go for it and I think she’d be stupid to miss the opportunity – £70 ish.

Grand total depending on vaccinations – Between £600 and £900

Murron has stated that the minute she gets her National Insurance Card she is going to find a job and every penny from that job will be put towards Borneo. IF SHE FINDS A JOB!!
It is also going to mean a lot of family cooperation when it comes to fundraising.

If Murron fails to reach her targets, and we have been assured that the target dates are not set in stone as long as you can prove you have fundraising plans in place, but should she fail to raise money or even decide she no longer wishes to go then any money that has been raised to that date is simply not refundable. As it is a charitable organisation the money will still be used on projects in the area where the expedition is taking place.
So the deposit money and any target money already handed over will be lost forever.

That’s all we are going to be thinking about for the next year.
I don’t know how committed Murron actually is.
I think that once the novelty has worn off her enthusiasm will disappear and she will struggle to reach her targets and we will potentially be throwing a lot of money away.

She is off school today….. long story…. major argument about it this morning.
I plan to sit Murron down and talk things through and put plans on paper to get the ball rolling.
She has to prove to me today that she is committed.

We have one week of very big decisions to be made.


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